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“Even My Boss Thanked Me for Booking with Empress, and He Never Appreciates Anything”

San Francisco Corporate Event Planning

You’re Already Overworked, Let Us Help

You work long hours. You’re the glue that holds your company together (though few fully appreciate your contribution). Now everyone’s counting on you to organize another work event.

They don’t realize you’re neck deep in a million tasks that have to be done by Friday.

So, you jump online, searching for something special. Something that’ll make your impossible-to-please boss and fellow coworkers happy. Because if it fails, you know who they’re going to blame.

It feels hopeless. Stressful. And altogether out of reach until, purely by chance, you stumble upon the solution…


How to Please Your Boss and Coworkers

Success is all about giving people what they want. Or, even better, giving it to them in an unexpected way. But how are you supposed to know what they want without interviewing every single staff member in your corporation?

It’s a problem every person in your unenviable position faces. You have to be a mind reader. You can’t imagine where they must’ve hidden that detail in your job description, but here you are.

Pssst, there’s something else they didn’t tell you. It’s a technique your boss uses every day, and it’s the reason for his success. It’s one you could use to overcome your “mind reading” hurdle.

You see, you don’t have to be telepathic. You simply need to hire someone else, who is. It’s called delegation.

San Francisco Corporate Event Ideas
San Francisco Corporate Event Yacht Cruise

The Secret to Mind Reading Success

Mastering the art of planning unforgettable events is no simple feat. It takes years to understand what people want. Decades, even. Especially when what they say they want and what they actually want are two different things.

And figuring all that out isn’t something you have time for. You have to book a venue. Now.

And that’s where delegation comes in. When you book your event with Empress Events, you’re not only booking a private luxury yacht. You’re booking 30 years of experience hosting events, catering meetings, and throwing parties.

If you were to spy on one of their cruises, you might mistake their success for magic. But it’s really thirty years of trial and error, testing to see what makes people happy. And It’s indistinguishable from telepathy. 

I organized my company holiday party with Empress Events. The crew were so friendly and accommodating. From beginning to end, the whole event was flawless. We were even lucky enough to see the boat parade and fireworks.
— Sarah B. Oakland, CA
We held a very successful corporate party aboard the Empress Yacht. The party featured mouthwatering hors d’oeuvres and a non-stop view of the gorgeous San Francisco Bay lights. The Empress organizers did everything right.
— Aaron S. San Mateo, CA

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