Empress Events Can Make Your Next Corporate Event One to Remember

Empress Events/corporate yacht charter san franciscoCorporate yacht charter San Francisco – A chartered yacht for a company holiday, retirement and/or employee appreciation party is one way to take a corporate event to the next level, making it an occasion to remember.   When companies celebrate, they typically don’t depart much from the norm. This often consists of catered meals on company property or potlucks. While the above can be a lot of fun and are often economical, they aren’t the only option. They probably aren’t the best option for companies looking to make a big impression.

Below are various occasions where choosing a corporate yacht charter is a great option.  The occasions include holidays, retirement and employee appreciation parties.


Companies often throw holiday parties. These allow employees the opportunity to get together, either during the workday or outside of it, to celebrate the holidays. Some companies will allow employees to bring in dishes which they share with each other. Others will cater a meal, finger foods or snacks. Still others will host a party offsite, often at a hotel or party hall. One underutilized option is a chartered boat. It’s too bad that it is underutilized because it’s a terrific option and one that employees are likely to enjoy.

Retirement Parties:

It’s a big deal when an employee retires. This is especially true when the employee is a valued one. Hosting a retirement party on a yacht is really a great departure from the office conference room. An annual retirement party where that year’s retirees are honored would likely go over quite well and be appreciated by the retiree.

Employee Appreciations:

It is extremely important for a company to relay to its employees how much they are appreciated. Doing so helps to improve employee morale. While there are many ways to show appreciation, chartering out a yacht for the employees would be one of the very best.

Corporate Yacht Charter San Francisco: In Summary

A company that wants to celebrate the holidays or it employees in a unique and luxurious manner may want to consider a corporate yacht charter San Francisco. Chartering a yacht for corporate events is growing in popularity. As companies begin exploring their options and deciding against boring, run-of-the-mill parties, celebrations and events, boat charters are becoming an increasingly popular option and with good reasons. They are luxurious, unique and leave a lasting impression. All of the aforementioned can help boost company morale and subsequently, a company’s bottom line.

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