What to Expect on Your San Francisco Dinner Cruise

San Francisco CruisesIf you want to impress friends, family, a date or business contacts, you may want to consider taking them on a San Francisco dinner cruise. What can you expect if you charter Empress Events for the dinner cruise? You can expect an experience you and your guests won’t soon forget.

Don’t wait in line to take a crowded boat tour around San Francisco Bay. You can charter our yacht “The Empress” for a cruise around the Bay while you and your guests enjoy a scrumptious dinner. “The Empress” can accommodate up to 150 guests.

Call Captain Gerry K. Robertson or his crew to discuss your dinner cruise at 1-888-922-4898. They want to help you create a dinner cruise that is everything you desire. Explain which sites you would like to see during the cruise as well as discuss your dining plans. With a world-class executive chef, the meal will be one you’ll remember for some time to come.

Do you have specific dietary needs? The chef can help you come up with a menu to meet those needs. You will be able to enjoy a meal fit for a king despite your dietary restrictions.

What will you enjoy if you eat dinner in a landlocked restaurant? You may have wonderful food and companionship, but it is unlikely the view out the window will be very inspiring. With a San Francisco dinner cruise, your view out the cabin window will change as you pass under the Golden Gate Bridge or cruise pass Alcatraz Island. If there are particular sites you would like to see, ask Captain Gerry if he can plan the cruise around those sites. Chances are really good that he will.

Once you finish dinner, take a walk along the deck of the yacht. Feel the breeze across your skin and through your hair. Watch as the skyline of the city on the Bay comes to life. Relax and enjoy an after dinner drink as you cruise back to the dock.

You don’t have to worry about when you plan your special evening. Captain Gerry and the crew are available every day of the year, 24 hours a day to make your special evening a success. When you choose to charter a yacht with Empress Events, you know what to expect on your San Francisco dinner cruise.

Celebrate the Beginning of Summer with a San Francisco Bay Boat Charter

Empress Events San Francisco BayWhen temperatures begin to soar there’s no better place to be than on the water. Celebrate the beginning of summer with Empress Events and a San Francisco Bay boat charter? You can enjoy a time of sailing in the San Francisco Bay and see the city from a new perspective.

Memorial Day is considered by many to be the ‘official’ kick-off for summer but you can schedule your party at any time that suits you. Let Empress Events host your party to celebrate the beginning of summer at any time of the day or night. Empress Events is available 24 hours a day every day of the year to help you celebrate on your schedule.

Whether you want a small, intimate party or a larger party, Empress Events has two yachts to choose from for your beginning of summer get-together. The 90 foot long Yacht Empress can accommodate up to 149 guests on three levels. The 70 foot long Avalon accommodates up to 49 guests on four levels. Free parking and wheelchair access are available out of the Sausalito port for your convenience.

When you plan a party with Empress Events, you and your guests won’t have to do anything except show up! You can expect a wonderful dinner, drinks and music as you enjoy seeing the famous landmarks of the San Francisco Bay. This will definitely be a summer kick-off party your friends and family will remember for years to come.

Do you want to kick off the summer in style this year but don’t know where to turn? Empress Events is available to help you celebrate on the Bay. They can help design a custom package for your family and friends. Empress Events is a family run business that prides itself in offering personalized and tailor-made events for your every need.

When you’re ready to begin making plans for your beginning of summer party on a San Francisco Bay boat charter, give Empress Events a call. They are able to customize a party to suit your particular needs and will accommodate any upgrade they possibly can. They are happy to discuss how you’d like to celebrate summer aboard one of Empress Event’s luxury yachts.

Choosing Boat Cruises in San Francisco

Empress Events San FranciscoDo you have problems choosing boat cruises in San Francisco? There are many companies which offer cruises in San Francisco Bay. Empress Events offers the following guidelines to help you choose the best cruise to meet your needs and desires.

  • Decide upon your reasons for choosing boat cruises in San Francisco Bay. Perhaps you simply want to see the San Francisco skyline from the bow of a yacht. You may also want to see specific landmarks. When you know what you want from a boat cruise you’ll have a better idea of how much time to allot for it.
  • Think about the experience you want from your boat cruise. How many people will be in your party? Do you expect to eat a meal while you’re on the cruise? If so, which meal will you eat? Do you have dietary limitations to consider if you choose to eat while on board?
  • Will you require entertainment while on the cruise through San Francisco Bay? Depending upon the package you choose, you could have a DJ to provide music they have pre-planned or you could provide the music you would like to have played during your cruise.
  • Consider when you want to take your cruise. Obviously choosing to see the night skyline of the city will require you to be out after dark. When you choose Empress Events as the company you cruise with, you’re not limited to specific dates or hours to enjoy your cruise. They provide cruises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Asking and answering these questions will enable Empress Events to know what type of package they can put together for you. They are available for private parties, corporate events, weddings and much more. Call them today to discuss ideas you have for a cruise. You can reach them by calling toll free at 888-922-4898. They are eager to help making your decision of which type of cruise to take or when you’re faced with choosing boat cruises in San Francisco.

What to Look for In Dinner Cruises On San Francisco Bay

Dinner Cruise San Francisco Bay

You want to treat someone special to a unique date but don’t know what to look for in dinner cruises in San Francisco Bay. Empress Events is available to help you impress your date or a loved one with a one-of-a-kind dinner they’ll always remember.

Imagine the look on your date’s face when you drive up to one of the yachts run by Empress Events. They will be even more in awe when they realize the intimate dinner you have planned for them.

  • Consider the reputation of the company offering dinner cruises on San Francisco Bay. Ask friends and family who have experienced dinner cruises to see who they suggest. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau to find out if there are some to avoid.
  • Consider the seating arrangements. Even though San Francisco has wonderful weather most of the time, there will be occasions where it won’t be quite as temperate. If the cruise offers only outdoor seating and you know the weather may not cooperate, you may want to choose another cruise.
  • Consider the size of the yachts. Empress Events has two yachts – the Avalon which seats up to 149 people on three levels and the Avalon which seats up to 49 guests on four levels. If you want an intimate dinner, you may want to choose a smaller yacht.
  • Consider the sites the yacht will sail past during the dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay. Even though Alcatraz might be an interesting place full of history, it is not the place to sail past during an intimate dinner date.
  • Consider the menu. The Executive Chef prepares scrumptious foods which will rival those offered in 5-star restaurants in the city.

After you have finished your meal, enjoy a leisurely stroll along the deck. Enjoy the sea breeze as it caresses your skin and marvel at the sights of the bay.

When deciding on what to look for in dinner cruises there are many things to consider. Empress Events is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year to ensure your dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay will be a special intimate evening you and your date can recall with fondness for years to come.

Enjoy a Dinner Cruise on San Francisco Bay

San Francisco Bay

There’s no place in the entire world like San Francisco. Whether you live here or not, it may be time to enjoy a dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay to give you a new perspective on this wonderful city. Contact the staff at Empress Events to schedule a date and time for a unique dinner experience.

Let’s face it; if you go out to eat very often you may get into a culinary rut. You go to the same places over and over again. It’s time for a change of pace and a change of scenery. Plan a dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay to break up the routine and possibly create a new spark in your relationship.

Empress Events operates 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. When it’s time to impress a loved one or new client, you can’t do better than eating a magnificent meal prepared by our Executive Chef while gliding under the Golden Gate Bridge. You can also enjoy the city skyline or the way the lights play across the water as you have dessert.

If you need to plan a corporate event, can you think of a better idea than enjoying a dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay? You’ll have the privacy you need to discuss business and know the Executive Chef will prepare a meal everyone will enjoy. ‘The Empress’ would be the perfect yacht for accommodating up to 150 guests for a seated dinner.

Contact us soon to discuss your special events or times when you need to have a change of venue for dinner. Reservations can be made for any time of the day or night, 365 days a year. When you want to enjoy a dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay, you may call Empress Events toll free at 1-888-922-4898.

Plan a Sweet 16 Dinner Cruise on San Francisco Bay

The Perfect Birthday!

Make a unique impact by planning a Sweet 16 dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay to ring in the birthday of your daughter. People are always looking for a different approach to this major event. Working with a professional event planner, like one of the experienced staff at Empress Events, can help you turn a birthday party into a night that will be talked about for years to come.

Tips for Planning a Sweet 16 Dinner Cruise on San Francisco Bay

– Talk with the birthday girl. Find out the things that she wants (or does NOT want) incorporated into the event. She may want a favorite color, a particular theme or some other detail to become the driving force behind her celebration.

– Have a budget. It can be easy to get carried away by the joy of a Sweet 16 celebration. Setting a budget before you start making plans will help keep the enthusiasm in check and save the wallet. Your party planning professional will also benefit from knowing the limits to the extras that can be piled on to your dinner cruise event.

– Find out the level of importance for different aspects of the event. Knowing what is most important will help you divide out your budget. The more importance a moment has then the more money you may want to allow for it.

– Think about the party attendees when it comes to choosing the food. Find out what the birthday girl enjoys eating and also what her friends enjoy eating. Have the caterer work around their favorite dishes so that you know everyone will enjoy the food during the evening.

– Work out an entertainment option that will fit the theme and scope of the Sweet 16 party. You may want to consider something out of the ordinary (like a comedian) or stick to a local band or D.J. Include the birthday girl in this decision as well, but you may want to keep the final decision a surprise.

Planning a party for a teenager can be a challenge under the best of circumstances. The internet and television have made extravagant parties seem like the norm instead of being out of the ordinary. You can still create a great event without breaking the bank.

Thinking outside of the box can help you turn a birthday party into an event to remember. Invest a little time when it comes to planning a Sweet 16 dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay.

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Experience the Wonder of a Dinner Cruise in San Francisco

Empress EventsNothing quite captures the essence of the Bay like getting to experience the wonder of a dinner cruise in San Francisco. Enjoying the sights and sounds of the area from this unique perspective can create memories that will last a life time. Work with a dinner cruise planner, like one of the experienced staff at Empress Events, to begin designing a night on the Bay.

Tips to Help You Experience the Wonder of a Dinner Cruise in San Francisco

– Find out what is on the menu. You will want to be sure that you can eat the food that is provided. You may also want to check to see if special meals are available (like those for dietary needs or even vegetarian choices). Be sure you let the cruise staff know about any requirements or allergies.

– Ask about serving time. You want to be hungry enough to eat, but not so hungry that you are unable to enjoy the cruise. It may be that the catering staff will provide food throughout the evening in the form of hors d’ oeuvres. The meal may be one main dining time. Or the cruise might consist of a combination of the two. Knowing ahead of time will help you prepare.

– Be careful of what you drink. You want to gauge any alcohol consumption with the amount of food that you eat. Remember that intoxication can limit your enjoyment of the amazing sights around the Bay.

– See about the entertainment that will be provided during the cruise. Talk to the cruise director to find out about the options that are available including the types of music. It may be possible to bring your own music or entertainment as well.

– Check the weather forecast. You want to be dressed for the occasion and that may mean packing a jacket or changing your choice of clothing for the night. Keep in mind that the temperatures on the open water will be cooler than on shore.

Going on a dinner cruise can be a great way to see the Bay area. The lights on the water will provide a unique view for your enjoyment. You will also have the opportunity to enjoy a great catered meal during your evening.

Make the most of your night by finding out ahead of time some of the details. Knowing the menu, the schedule and the entertainment can be ways to help you experience the wonder of a dinner cruise in San Francisco.

Empress Events Yacht

Empress Events Yacht Stay is Better Than a Boring Hotel Stay

Empress Events CruisesIf you have come down to seek some solace yet add some dash of fun during your holiday in San Francisco, then you must be a little innovative and stay in a luxury yacht cruise rather than in a usual boring hotel. On any given day, San Francisco bay cruise is an excellent way to rest your tired nerves and witness the enthralling beauty of the city from a different angle all together. And you have options galore, right from the traditional sail under the Golden Gate or around the Alcatraz to captivating trips under the sunset sails, Bay Bridge and more.

Empress Cruises & Events provides more than just a boat rental on the San Francisco Bay. It provides individuals and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area with elegant Bay cruises on luxury yachts for any occasion. A stay aboard an Empress Events Yacht will be an experience of a lifetime.

Luxury yacht cruise stay will provide you with unbound taste of freedom, sophistication, style and elegance. Empress Events Yacht Cruise will cost no more than a stay in some exclusive hotel, however unlike these hotels; Empress Event Yacht will give you ultimate control, privacy and a feeling of home. You and your loved one will be the only guests on the yacht that the crew will attend to.

Furthermore, you can fill your life with an intoxicating experience that will help you to revitalize your aching senses caused from the daily routine of life. Empress Events will take care of food, drinks and music; all with the best of picturesque landmarks in San Francisco all around.

We all know the saying that ‘Variety is the spice of life’. Everyone looks for a unique experience when away with loved ones during holidays. Staying in a hotel though luxurious can be mundane. Imagine spending time aboard a private yacht a midst an environment of fun and privacy. A luxury yacht cruise is certainly a one stop solution for all your soon to be most fond memories.

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Golden Gate Cruise – the Perfect Introduction to SF Bay

Golden Gate Cruise San FranciscoSan Francisco’s best known attraction is the Golden Gate Bridge – an engineering marvel and an iconic structure spanning the entrance to the SF Bay. A cruise under this majestic landmark is a highlight of any visit to SF and a perfect introduction to the city. The best way to learn about the city’s history from the waters is through a boat ride along San Francisco’s breathtaking waterfront, under the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, going past the infamous Alcatraz Island and other noteworthy sights.

The bridge was constructed during the years of the Great Depression and is a testimony to human strife. Built in a little more than four years, the bridge was completed on May 27, 1937. The bridge is built in such a way that it can combat the powerful forces of nature – mighty winds from the Pacific Ocean, strong ocean currents and often foggy weather. Today the bridge provides a connection between San Francisco and the surrounding Northern Counties.

Rated as #1 San Francisco attraction, the massive 4,200-foot span of the 746-foot tall Golden Gate Bridge offers incredible photo opportunities. Sailing through the incredible Golden Gate under that famous bridge is something you really should not miss out on. It could be a romantic sunset cruise under the bridge or a relaxing afternoon bay cruise.

Take in the brilliance of the Golden Gate Bridge aboard the newest yacht on the San Francisco Bay -The 90ft Empress. The Empress can accommodate up to 149 guests for a cocktail/ Hors d’ Oeuvres reception and up to 130 guests for a buffet or sit down dinner. It is equipped with a flat screen TV, dance floor, and two separate bars. The Empress can also accommodate full bands.

As the cruise heads towards the Golden Gate Bridge, you sail by Fort Mason and the Marina District which was devastated in the 1989 earthquake. As you head back into the Bay, you travel past the wildlife reserves of the Marin Headlands and the legendary town of Sausalito, once home to the 1960s’ flower generation and Angel Island State Park.

See the Golden Gate from every possible angle – over, under and on the famed Golden Gate Bridge. Numerous cruise boats sail through the SF Bay, offering a glimpse of San Francisco’s majestic cityscape and numerous landmarks that are an integral part of this magical city.

During the cruise, watch out for sightings of seagulls, pelicans and sea lions and at times, even dolphins and whales.

Empress Events has remained a family-owned and operated luxury yacht charter group founded by Captain Gerry K. Robertson who has 25 years experience sailing the San Francisco Bay Delta. Contact us for a wonderful sailing experience with gourmet cuisine and warm hospitality to view the Golden Gate Bridge and other highlights. We will take care of everything: drinks, dinner and music.

Contact Us via Email: sales@empressevents.com or Call us Toll Free: 888.922.4898

Explore the Natural Beauty of the SF Bay and Angel Island from Our Yacht Charter

Super YachtsOne of the most beautiful cities in the United States, San Francisco is famous for its Bay area whose diverse natural beauty is highly cherished by its residents. San Francisco Bay is the largest estuary system on the west coast of the Americas. The blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay offer the perfect location for a leisurely cruise aboard a yacht. The charter boat industry is vibrant and doing very well thanks to the spectacular views from the deck of a yacht. You can also see the beautiful Angel Island from our tour of the Bay.

San Francisco’s top sightseeing attractions include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz Island, Fisherman’s Wharf, the East Brothers Lighthouse, Angel Island and Muir Woods where visitors can discover the beauty and majesty of the California redwoods.

Majestic bridges include the magnificent Golden Gate, the most famous symbol of San Francisco and Bay Bridge. Alcatraz Island offers a terrific view of San Francisco Bay and Fisherman’s Wharf has some of the finest crab restaurants. Angel Island, known as “Jewel of the San Francisco Bay”, offers a spectacular sailing spot and is one of the most popular San Francisco bay cruise destinations.

See The City

A SF Bay cruise is a great way to get a taste of the city with its numerous outdoor attractions. Cruise tours afford unique views of sights like the Golden Gate Bridge, the Bay Bridge, Sausalito, Angel Island, Alcatraz and the piers that serve the city. Travelers can take their pick from lunch cruises, sunset cruises, dinner cruises, and more.

The delightful town of Sausalito with its art galleries, quaint shops and waterfront restaurants and the scenic Napa Valley winery region are also places to behold. In the summers many of these cruises anchor off the Sausalito waterfront for people to listen to the Sausalito Jazz Series.

Indulge in a relaxing afternoon Bay cruise – the perfect way to see the breathtaking San Francisco cityscape. Special cruises are available for the KFOG Kaboom Fireworks.

San Francisco Bay and its skyline are beautiful as the sun goes down. Enjoy a sunset cruise where you’ll pass by Alcatraz and Angel Island. You will also cruise along the breath-taking shorelines of Tiburon, Belvedere, and Sausalito. This is a great way to spend quality time with family or an outing with friends watching the sun cast rich golden hues across the waters.

As you sail along SF Bay’s you will pass by exciting neighborhoods. You can also see an exotic waterfront dotted with numerous modern skyscrapers and historic landmarks. Sometimes you can even spot a colony of sea lions.

Empress Events

Empress Events has remained a family-owned and operated luxury yacht charter group. It is founded by Captain Gerry K. Robertson who has more than 25 years experience sailing the San Francisco Bay Delta. Contact us for a wonderful sailing experience with gourmet cuisine and warm hospitality. With us you can take in the natural beauty of the SF Bay. We will take care of everything: drinks, dinner and music.

Contact Us via Email: sales@empressevents.com or Call us Toll Free: 888.922.4898

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