Team Building Cruise San Francisco Bay

Team Building Cruise San Francisco BayBusinesses often use team building activities for their employees. Why are these activities so useful in business? They teach corporate managers and employees to “think outside the box” by getting them out of their normal surroundings. Team building activities improve team dynamics, build trust and facilitates communication and teamwork. Overall, they are helpful for building camaraderie among the employees so everyone works at their peak performance. That is why we offer a Team Building Cruise San Francisco Bay.

Why chose a Team Building Cruise San Francisco Bay?

San Francisco yacht charters are ideal for team building activities. If you are looking for the right place to hold your next corporate team building event, look no further than Empress Events – the perfect “out of the box” location.

Choosing to host your event on a yacht that is sailing the San Francisco Bay will get your employees out of their offices and cubicles. A change of location is often all it takes to spark new creativity. A yacht is secluded and limited in size building unity and communication between employees.

Team Building Cruise Activities:

What type of team building activities can you host on a San Francisco yacht charter? The only limitations are your imagination and the willingness of your employees to participate. Here are some ideas you may want to include:

  1. Problem solving exercises that relate to a specific work issue. In fact, if you can find something that has similar elements but is very different, you may find your team is able to work together to find a solution for a fictitious problem that can be used back at the office.
  2. Mission impossible may be what some of your employees think about a certain issue they are facing. Have your employees break up into small teams, being sure to split up people that normally work together, and present them with an impossible task. Ask the teams to come up with possible solutions to their impossible mission. Having a few new heads may bring new solutions to the table.
  3. Trust building activities can be helpful. No, you do not have to ask your employees to close their eyes and fall back, hoping someone is there to catch them. There are other ways to build trust.
  4. Your employees could play out a murder mystery. The planner would secretly ask one employee to “play” a murderer who is removing people from the group. The remaining employees must work together to determine who the guilty party is. There are pre-prepared mysteries of this type or you may want to come up with some ideas of your own.

And the options go on and on. Empress Events can help you plan a team building cruise that will not only build communication and cooperation but will also be enjoyable for everyone. Therefore, Call today to plan your Team Building Cruise San Francisco Bay.

team building cruise san francisco bay

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