San Francisco Bay Wedding Cruise

San Francisco Bay Wedding Cruise

A San Francisco Bay wedding cruise is the ideal way for you to tie the knot.  A cruise would definitely be a out of the ordinary wedding. While many people get married on dry ground, fewer are wed atop a luxury yacht. It is thus the perfect option for those looking for a more unique approach to their big day.

Make your wedding a truly elegant event on one of our luxury yachts. And best of all, it’s an affordable option. For many couples, it will only be necessary to rent the boat for an hour or two. Some couples only wish to have their ceremony on the yacht making their time on the yacht shorter. Other couples opt to have a dinner and or reception on the boat so their family members and friends in attendance can enjoy the yacht and the views to the full.

A San Francisco Bay wedding cruise isn’t for everyone but it might be the perfect option for you.

Do you appreciate luxury? People that appreciate luxury might find that a San Francisco wedding cruise is the best way to achieve it on their big day. It doesn’t get much more luxurious than sailing atop a beautiful yacht around the magnificent San Francisco Bay, on one of the most important days of one’s life.

Do you love the water? Some people love the water. They desire to be near or on it whenever they can.  A San Francisco wedding cruise is a picturesque way to accomplish that.

Do you enjoy being unique? Land-based weddings are the norm. Every year, the majority of people get married in churches, hotels and wedding halls. While this is fine for individuals who choose this option, it won’t be for everyone. If you wish to stand out, one option is a San Francisco wedding cruise. It allows a couple to wed in a setting and manner that is truly unique and definitely unforgettable.

San Francisco Bay Wedding Cruise

There are numerous reasons why a couple might opt for a San Francisco Bay wedding. In summary, a San Francisco wedding cruise is ideal for the couple who appreciates luxury, for those that love water and lastly, for individuals that enjoy being unique.

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San Francisco Bay Wedding Cruise

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