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Gary Ferber


Someone once said: “Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” If you’ve booked a special event with Empress Events, surely you will want to capture those special moments to cherish forever. In this interview we would like to highlight Gary Ferber, who has shot many prestigious events aboard our yacht.

How long have you been taking wedding photos?

I have been taking photos on the water for over 20 years. I do a variety of weddings and also parties.”

What is your style of wedding photography?

My style of photography is fashion background with lots of PR and fast. I’m there but very quick , no waiting for me to take the photo or keep looking at the back of the camera.”

Do you do wedding videography as well?

I don’t do video, as I feel you can really only do one or the other if you want it to look great.”

Walk us through the process of photographing a wedding on a yacht.

Doing a wedding on a yacht is very special. With water views, which have a lot of back lighting, if you don’t have experience photographing this kind of background, you won’t get what you see. It takes years of practice. The Empress is terrific as it moves from land mark to views that no land event space can do.

Do you have a favorite wedding that you have photographed?

I like all weddings that are fun and moving, not a group that just sits at their tables.”

What is it like working with Empress Events?

The Empress yacht is the best on the San Francisco Bay. The yacht is more stable than other yachts and the Captain and staff are very professional as well as fun. It can be no fun if the staff couldn’t care less, but the Empress puts the client and guests in priority. When you do a buffet on the yacht you really get a good product as well as the top quality bar downstairs and a wine bar upstairs that has good wines.”

If you are interested in having Gary photograph your next special event call or email him.
For more information about cruises on SF Bay with Empress Events give us a call today!

san francisco bay cruise wedding

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