Empress Events Yacht Charter FAQ Series: Question # 5

Are you planning a special outing on the San Francisco Bay? If you have never been on this type of cruise, you may be wondering what to expect. It is a beautiful way to unite family and friends. In this series of short articles, we will answer some frequently asked questions. This is the fifth article of the FAQ series.images (43)

Question: What is the Best Length for a Cruise?

You can charter a yacht for any occasion. The best length for a private yacht charter San Francisco Bay is different for each type of event and each person. The following are a couple possible scenarios.

  • Corporate events can vary in length. You may prefer to charter the yacht for the whole day for functions such as business seminars, employee training outings and marketing idea meetings with your staff. For meetings with potential clients or a corporate holiday party you may prefer to book the yacht for about two hours.
  • A large wedding held on a yacht could also take several hours. You may charter the yacht for the entire day or evening so that you can enjoy a relaxed ceremony and celebration.
  • A birthday party may only take one and one-half hours from the time you leave the marina until you return.
  • wedding anniversary for a couple who loves spending time on the water may wish to linger on the waves.
  • Do you want to enjoy a special brunch on board a luxury yacht? This event typically lasts from 11 AM to 2 PM.
  • For a sunset dinner on a yacht you may arrive shortly before sunset and enjoy a leisurely dinner while cruising around the San Francisco Bay as the stars appear.

So, what is the best length for a Private Yacht Charter San Francisco Bay?

Answer: That depends on you! You choose the duration of your cruise!

The best length is one that meets your particular needs. At Empress Events we work with our clients to meet your needs and time requirements. Call today to find out what would be best for the event you have in mind!

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