Memorial Services at Sea and Ash Scattering San Francisco Bay

Ash Scattering San FranciscoWhether you are planning ahead or have dealt with a loved one’s death recently, you’ll find our website helpful in taking the next step. Burials at sea and ash scattering services have been an accepted funerary rite for thousands of years.

Sea burials offer an attractive choice for many families because of the much lower cost, our evolving beliefs, honoring the deceased wishes, nautical backgrounds and experiences, conservation of land space and the fact that people are looking at a cremation & ashes ocean memorial scattering as a simpler alternative to in-ground burials.

At Atlantis Memorials, we have an extraordinary crew and support staff who are attentive to our guests and their needs. We work tirelessly to make sure the occasion for your loved one comes together in an intimate and
respectful manner.

We are proud to offer affordable pricing on our private yachts as well as customized services which may include music, video displays and light to full catering and beverage services. Our yachts are clean, comfortable and safe; inspected and certified by the Coast Guard.

Customer Review:

“Captain Robertson. . . Thank you so much for making my mother’s memorial service so special. We are especially pleased with your services and appreciate your skillful management of the entire process. The boat was more than well appointed it was perfect. . .all style and class.”

– Charles Haley II

Please visit us for more information about our Ash Scattering San Francisco at the Atlantis Memorials home page.