Experience Romance with a San Francisco Dinner Cruise

Romantic CruiseMake tonight a night to remember by using the lights on the water to experience romance with a San Francisco Dinner Cruise. Empress Events will work with you to develop a unique event specific to your needs. You may also choose to take part in one of the many special dinners that we offer that highlight the events and holidays throughout the year.

Secrets to Help You Experience Romance with a San Francisco Dinner Cruise

  • Keep the night focused on you and on your date. Choose entrees that you will both enjoy and that will not overwhelm the moment. Limit the aromatic spices or foods that could cause problems during the evening. Talk with the staff at Empress Events if you are unsure of the best direction for your romantic occasion.
  • Remember the smallest details. Think about the placement of the table to give you the best view of the Bay. Put some thought into the decorations that are used on the table and even in the restrooms. It is the details that will make the evening stand out.
  • Plan out the music. You want to be sure and avoid any songs that might invoke the wrong memories. Stick to soft music in the background so you and your date remain the focus of the night.
  • Develop a schedule that fits the lifestyle of you and your date. Eating dinner at 9 pm will not work for everyone. Work out the details of the night with the staff. Be sure that there are appetizers and other snacks available before and after the main dining event.
  • Dress for the occasion. Even if the night will be a surprise for your date, be sure to let them know the best dress for the situation. The right shoes and the right attire can mean the difference between a night of misery and a night to remember.

Choosing to take a cruise can be a great way to stir up the embers of romance. Invest some energy into planning your evening if you want to experience romance with a San Francisco dinner cruise.