Cruise Events San Francisco Bay!

Want to make a special occasion even more special? Why not try a Yacht Charter around San Francisco Bay? For every occasion in life, a luxury yacht charter can make the event even more memorable for everyone involved. Consider some of the following life events that will shine even brighter because you shared them with your friends and family aboard an Empress Events Yacht.


cruise events san francisco bayA child’s graduation from high school or college is a momentous occasion that merits a celebration! Celebrate in style with friends and family on a cruise around San Francisco Bay.  Give them a taste of the kind of life possible with diligent study and hard work.



cruise events san francisco bayWhom, whether young or old, wouldn’t love celebrating their birthday on a luxury yacht? Think about how special your daughter would feel having her sweet 16 party while cruising around San Francisco Bay. Celebrating a birthday while watching the lights of San Francisco twinkle in the distance can make your next birthday an unforgettable experience!



cruise events san francisco bayCan’t think of what to do for your parents 50th wedding anniversary? Imagine the delight on their faces when you have them dropped off for their wedding anniversary party on one of the Empress Events deluxe yachts! The professional staff and crew of Empress Events will help you plan the perfect anniversary event whether it’s to celebrate a first, fifth, twenty-fifth, fiftieth or seventy-fifth anniversary. It is also a very special way to celebrate your own anniversary!


Bar or Bat Mitzvahs:

cruise events san francisco bayJewish teens celebrate moving from childhood to adulthood with either a Bar Mitzvah (for the boys) or Bat Mitzvah (for the girls). This life event is something Jewish children prepare for and look forward to for years. Sharing this event on an Empress Events yacht will make this celebration something they will not soon forget.


Burial at Sea:

cruise events san francisco bayTo celebrate the life of a loved one, a burial at sea may be the perfect home-going ceremony. A burial at sea is often appropriate for families who have a strong connection with the sea, specifically for those who were members of the Navy. If they enjoyed being on the water during their lifetime, doesn’t it make sense to honor them with this type of memorial service?


Cruise Events San Francisco Bay:

Each and every event hosted on an Empress Events Cruise is carefully planned with the client to ensure total satisfaction. From food and drinks to decorations, from music and entertainment to solemn ceremonies, we will be there every step of the way so you can relax and enjoy your special occasion.

Think about the things you observe and contact Empress Events to see how they can help you celebrate them. For every occasion in life, a San Francisco Bay yacht charter is the way to go.

Cruise Events San Francisco Bay – Empress Events

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