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The Best Yacht Charter in San Francisco – New Renovations!

As always, we wish to stay as the best yacht charter in business, so we’ve remodeled our yacht! We always do our best to keep our yachts looking amazing. To keep them looking that way, we carry out a lot maintenance. We want our guests to feel comfortable with their surroundings and to enjoy themselves to the full. 

To this end, we’ve put in all new wood flooring in the bathrooms, the captain’s wheelhouse, the bars, the dance floor and the stairway. Also, we’ve given our yacht side wall refinishing, as well as new trim all the way around the boat. The restrooms look vibrant and clean. 

Captain Gerry spends much of his time up in the Captain’s Wheelhouse. His job is to guide the guests safely to and from the docks to sea. He also likes to explain all the bells and whistles in the Wheelhouse to his visitors. As a result of that, we made sure the remodeling got to his Wheelhouse too.
Best Yacht Charter - Captain's Wheelhouse

Waves rippling gently against the side of the yacht, wind blowing lightly, sun shining are a recipe of happiness. Imagine yourself sitting and enjoying just that on our yacht. That is why we decided to put a new marble bar top with the name: Sky Bar.  From the position of this bar, you can see an amazing view of the ocean while drinking a relaxing glass of wine or a cocktail. 

best yacht charter sky bar

We enjoy having our passengers aboard and making their trip go above and beyond what they expected. With the upgrade we have made, we can be an even better yacht charter than before. With over 20 years of experience in yacht chartering, we know how to make your wedding, corporate event, or private party be the best you’ve ever had.  The best yacht charter, Empress Events, is looking luxurious and ready for your bookings today!

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Empress Events Yacht Charter FAQ Series: Question # 2

Are you planning a special outing on the San Francisco Bay? If you have never been on this type of cruise, you may be wondering what to expect.  It is a beautiful way to unite family and friends.  In this series of short articles, we will answer some frequently asked questions. This is the second article of the FAQ’s series.

Question: How many people can the yacht seat comfortably?

Empress Events counts with a magnificent yacht used for cruises on San Francisco Bay. Our yacht is named “The Empress”. It has three different decks that offer comfortable dining areas for up to 150 guests, as well as a dance floor and breathtaking views from many angles. This yacht is perfect for sightseeing cruises with large groups, wedding ceremonies, corporate events and private parties for any occasion.

Smaller yacht parties for less than 100 people and larger yachts for parties of 500-2000 guests are also available by earlier order. Each cruise, including which yacht would be best for the event, is carefully planned based on the needs of the client. For an estimate on your planned cruise, please call +1 (415) 332-3291 or go to the “Reserve Now” page.

private yacht charter sf bay

The Empress


So, how many people can the yacht seat comfortably?

  • “The Empress”, 150
  • Special order yacht, up to 2000

“All our family and friends couldn’t stop talking about how classy and seamless everything was. We owe it to you. We will be back soon!
All our best.”

“I went on a event cruise with this company and it was totally awesome! The boat was very cute, clean and the staff was amazing. Andrew went above and beyond to make our parties experience great. I will totally recommend this business to my friends. Thank you!” 

Call Empress today to plan an unforgettable event that everyone will love!

Empress Events – Private Yacht Charter SF Bay

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San Francisco Yacht Charters – Come Celebrate on the Bay!

San Francisco Bay CruiseA San Francisco Bay Cruise on a luxury yacht is a terrific choice for individuals interested in celebrating on the Bay. Such charters can be appropriated for numerous occasions. Below are a few ideas that would be appropriate for renting a yacht charter but these are by no means the only ones.

Birthday Parties:  What better way to celebrate growing one year older than on a luxury yacht? Not only is it an enjoyable way to do so, but it’s also unique.   A person who celebrates in this manner will be the talk of all of their friends and family. One of the coolest things about being able to charter a yacht is the ability to access one without actually purchasing it. Few people can afford yachts, especially a luxury one. Chartering makes it possible for a person to live like the rich and famous without being either. Anyone looking to impress their peers and have a good time should consider a San Francisco Bay Cruise.

Anniversaries: Anniversaries are another great occasion to charter a yacht. Spending a few hours on a yacht with one’s honey, celebrating life together, would be very memorable. It would also be quite special. Whether this is a surprise excursion or one planned by the couple, it would definitely be an occasion to remember.

Date Night: The occasion doesn’t have to be a special one to charter a yacht. It’s a terrific choice for date night. Couples tired of dinner and the movies may want to consider a more exciting option, with a chartered yacht being an underused option. Why not go big and make “date night” something to really remember.

Proposals: When it comes to proposals, it’s either “go big or go home.” A gentleman (or woman) who wants to impress his beloved when popping the big question, will need to think outside the box. A chartered yacht is one option that is sure to impress. If she says yes (or even if she doesn’t), it is almost guaranteed that she will enjoy reliving the moment and bragging to all her family and friends about it. A chartered boat on the San Francisco Bay
should definitely impress her (or him).

A San Francisco Bay Cruise: In Summary

There are numerous occasions where a San Francisco Bay Cruise on our luxury yachts would be an excellent choice. They include, but are not limited to the above, birthday parties, date night, anniversaries and proposals. Each of the aforementioned is ideal. Each offers an opportunity to celebrate life, love and happiness with one’s closet friends, lover or family members. This list is not exhaustive, as was mentioned above. There are many other occasions where a yacht charter might be the perfect setting.

Call Empress Events today to make your next special occasion the best yet!

san francisco bay cruise

Choosing Boat Cruises in San Francisco

Empress Events San FranciscoDo you have problems choosing boat cruises in San Francisco? There are many companies which offer cruises in San Francisco Bay. Empress Events offers the following guidelines to help you choose the best cruise to meet your needs and desires.

  • Decide upon your reasons for choosing boat cruises in San Francisco Bay. Perhaps you simply want to see the San Francisco skyline from the bow of a yacht. You may also want to see specific landmarks. When you know what you want from a boat cruise you’ll have a better idea of how much time to allot for it.
  • Think about the experience you want from your boat cruise. How many people will be in your party? Do you expect to eat a meal while you’re on the cruise? If so, which meal will you eat? Do you have dietary limitations to consider if you choose to eat while on board?
  • Will you require entertainment while on the cruise through San Francisco Bay? Depending upon the package you choose, you could have a DJ to provide music they have pre-planned or you could provide the music you would like to have played during your cruise.
  • Consider when you want to take your cruise. Obviously choosing to see the night skyline of the city will require you to be out after dark. When you choose Empress Events as the company you cruise with, you’re not limited to specific dates or hours to enjoy your cruise. They provide cruises 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Asking and answering these questions will enable Empress Events to know what type of package they can put together for you. They are available for private parties, corporate events, weddings and much more. Call them today to discuss ideas you have for a cruise. You can reach them by calling toll free at 888-922-4898. They are eager to help making your decision of which type of cruise to take or when you’re faced with choosing boat cruises in San Francisco.

Empress Events Yacht

Empress Events Yacht Stay is Better Than a Boring Hotel Stay

Empress Events CruisesIf you have come down to seek some solace yet add some dash of fun during your holiday in San Francisco, then you must be a little innovative and stay in a luxury yacht cruise rather than in a usual boring hotel. On any given day, San Francisco bay cruise is an excellent way to rest your tired nerves and witness the enthralling beauty of the city from a different angle all together. And you have options galore, right from the traditional sail under the Golden Gate or around the Alcatraz to captivating trips under the sunset sails, Bay Bridge and more.

Empress Cruises & Events provides more than just a boat rental on the San Francisco Bay. It provides individuals and businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area with elegant Bay cruises on luxury yachts for any occasion. A stay aboard an Empress Events Yacht will be an experience of a lifetime.

Luxury yacht cruise stay will provide you with unbound taste of freedom, sophistication, style and elegance. Empress Events Yacht Cruise will cost no more than a stay in some exclusive hotel, however unlike these hotels; Empress Event Yacht will give you ultimate control, privacy and a feeling of home. You and your loved one will be the only guests on the yacht that the crew will attend to.

Furthermore, you can fill your life with an intoxicating experience that will help you to revitalize your aching senses caused from the daily routine of life. Empress Events will take care of food, drinks and music; all with the best of picturesque landmarks in San Francisco all around.

We all know the saying that ‘Variety is the spice of life’. Everyone looks for a unique experience when away with loved ones during holidays. Staying in a hotel though luxurious can be mundane. Imagine spending time aboard a private yacht a midst an environment of fun and privacy. A luxury yacht cruise is certainly a one stop solution for all your soon to be most fond memories.

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