Interview with Gary Ferber – Photographer

san francisco bay cruise wedding

Gary Ferber


Someone once said: “Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.” If you’ve booked a special event with Empress Events, surely you will want to capture those special moments to cherish forever. In this interview we would like to highlight Gary Ferber, who has shot many prestigious events aboard our yacht.

How long have you been taking wedding photos?

I have been taking photos on the water for over 20 years. I do a variety of weddings and also parties.”

What is your style of wedding photography?

My style of photography is fashion background with lots of PR and fast. I’m there but very quick , no waiting for me to take the photo or keep looking at the back of the camera.”

Do you do wedding videography as well?

I don’t do video, as I feel you can really only do one or the other if you want it to look great.”

Walk us through the process of photographing a wedding on a yacht.

Doing a wedding on a yacht is very special. With water views, which have a lot of back lighting, if you don’t have experience photographing this kind of background, you won’t get what you see. It takes years of practice. The Empress is terrific as it moves from land mark to views that no land event space can do.

Do you have a favorite wedding that you have photographed?

I like all weddings that are fun and moving, not a group that just sits at their tables.”

What is it like working with Empress Events?

The Empress yacht is the best on the San Francisco Bay. The yacht is more stable than other yachts and the Captain and staff are very professional as well as fun. It can be no fun if the staff couldn’t care less, but the Empress puts the client and guests in priority. When you do a buffet on the yacht you really get a good product as well as the top quality bar downstairs and a wine bar upstairs that has good wines.”

If you are interested in having Gary photograph your next special event call or email him.
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san francisco bay cruise wedding

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San Francisco Bay Wedding Cruise

San Francisco Bay Wedding Cruise

A San Francisco Bay wedding cruise is the ideal way for you to tie the knot.  A cruise would definitely be a out of the ordinary wedding. While many people get married on dry ground, fewer are wed atop a luxury yacht. It is thus the perfect option for those looking for a more unique approach to their big day.

Make your wedding a truly elegant event on one of our luxury yachts. And best of all, it’s an affordable option. For many couples, it will only be necessary to rent the boat for an hour or two. Some couples only wish to have their ceremony on the yacht making their time on the yacht shorter. Other couples opt to have a dinner and or reception on the boat so their family members and friends in attendance can enjoy the yacht and the views to the full.

A San Francisco Bay wedding cruise isn’t for everyone but it might be the perfect option for you.

Do you appreciate luxury? People that appreciate luxury might find that a San Francisco wedding cruise is the best way to achieve it on their big day. It doesn’t get much more luxurious than sailing atop a beautiful yacht around the magnificent San Francisco Bay, on one of the most important days of one’s life.

Do you love the water? Some people love the water. They desire to be near or on it whenever they can.  A San Francisco wedding cruise is a picturesque way to accomplish that.

Do you enjoy being unique? Land-based weddings are the norm. Every year, the majority of people get married in churches, hotels and wedding halls. While this is fine for individuals who choose this option, it won’t be for everyone. If you wish to stand out, one option is a San Francisco wedding cruise. It allows a couple to wed in a setting and manner that is truly unique and definitely unforgettable.

San Francisco Bay Wedding Cruise

There are numerous reasons why a couple might opt for a San Francisco Bay wedding. In summary, a San Francisco wedding cruise is ideal for the couple who appreciates luxury, for those that love water and lastly, for individuals that enjoy being unique.

Join Empress Events and plan the wedding of your dreams!

San Francisco Bay Wedding Cruise

A Wedding Cruise for your Special Day!

san francisco wedding cruiseCouples planning their wedding will quickly find that there are a myriad of options available to them. Many couples choose to Tie the Knot on a Luxury Yacht. We invite you to come aboard and celebrate your wedding with Empress Events for a San Francisco Wedding Cruise.

A wedding cruise can be a lot of fun for the couple getting married and also their guests. Wedding planning is our crew’s specialty. We will  be here to help you every step of the way, from the planning to carrying out the big day. Chartering a yacht for the wedding allows the couple to focus on the big day, while the crew navigates the yacht and serves the guests. This can ensure that the whole affair is enjoyable for everyone involved.

A San Francisco wedding cruise is an option for both local couples and couples interested in a destination wedding. People that live in another part of the United States (or the world for that matter) may find that wedding cruises are ideal for a destination wedding.

A San Francisco wedding cruise is the perfect option for couples that want a but nontraditional wedding. San Francisco Bay is an exciting and beautiful setting for a wedding.

One recent customer said this about their San Francisco wedding cruise:

“Wow, where to begin? We are from the UK and held our wedding reception with Empress Events. Deborah was absolutely superb in her communication prior to the wedding, and without doubt the perfect host on the day. Deborah’s attention to detail is second to none. The yacht was stunning and the crew were fantastic, so friendly, professional and fun. We cannot thank them enough for such a wonderful service that felt personal, reliable and would urge anyone to look no further and book with this company. We had the perfect wedding and empress events played a major part in making our day one we will never forget, thank you so much.”
Maria G.
Wedding Event Client

Call Empress Event today to reserve your Luxury Yacht today!

Weddings San Francisco Bay

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San Francisco Wedding Cruise: Celebrate Your New Life Together!

Empress Events/ san francisco wedding cruiseSan Francisco Wedding Cruise

A San Francisco wedding cruise can be an idyllic way to celebrate a couple’s new life together. A cruise at sunset might be especially romantic and sweet. There are a number of reasons why a couple might want to get married on a charter boat or at the very least, have their reception on one. Empress Events can help the wedding couple plan their wedding cruise or reception party.

People who might enjoy a wedding cruise often think and act outside-the-box. They enjoy the water and the outdoors. They also typically have family members and friends that enjoy the water as well. Below are some of the attributes people may have that lead them to choose a San Francisco wedding cruise:

  1. Outside the Box Thinkers and Doers:

    Weddings and wedding receptions aren’t typically held on boats. This makes a wedding cruise a very unique option. As mentioned above, it won’t be for everyone but it will fit quite nicely for others. For those individuals in which it does, they may want to give some serious consideration to having a San Francisco wedding cruise. Not only will it be a day that they won’t forget, the couple’s guests aren’t likely to forget it anytime soon either because it is so different and unique.  People that think outside-the-box typically don’t want to do what everyone else is doing. For these people, a San Francisco wedding cruise is probably more true of who they are than a more traditional ceremony or reception.

  2. Fans of Water and the Outdoors:

    A couple that really loves the water and the outdoors might find that a wedding cruise is the perfect way to celebrate their new life together. Being able to do so alongside those people they love and care about the most, their family members and friends, makes for a great time.

  3. Have Family Members and Friends Who Enjoy the Water:

    While this isn’t a necessity, it certainly can be helpful. It wouldn’t be much fun to have a San Francisco wedding cruise if none of the guests are having fun. Sure, it is the bride and groom’s day and their wishes should largely dictate the wedding plans; however, it is important to consider the guests as well. Unhappy guests make for an unhappy wedding which is something a couple will want to avoid.

If a couple knows that many of the guests are not very fond of water, they need to rethink whether or not a wedding cruise is a good option. If, on the other hand, they know their guests do enjoy the water and boating, then this might be a great pick.

A wedding cruise may not fit every couple’s lifestyle. However, it may be perfect for the couple that thinks outside of the box. Also, if they have a special affinity for the water a wedding cruise would be great choice. When planning the perfect wedding day, a San Francisco wedding cruise may be something the couple will want to consider.

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A Dinner Cruise on San Francisco Bay Is the Perfect Place to Propose

Empress Events/ dinner cruise on san francisco bayA Dinner Cruise on San Francisco Bay Is the Perfect Place to Propose

Every woman dreams of her wedding day. However, before the wedding comes the proposal. A dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay is the perfect place to propose.

No one can dispute the beauty of the San Francisco Bay. The views are romantic during daylight hours but as the sun begins to set, there is something truly magical about it. Take advantage of the beautiful scenery and ambiance when it is time to pop the question.

Begin now to plan the perfect evening. At Empress Events, we have been the proud host to hundreds of proposals. It would be an honor to help you plan your proposal, as well.

Our yacht “The Empress” accommodates up to 150 guests on three levels, but there are plenty of quiet places to share an intimate moment. We operate 365 days a year, 24 hours each day, so we can provide a cruise at any time of day or any day of the week.

Opt For A Dinner Cruise

It is easy to plan a dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay for your marriage proposal. If you want the dinner to be an intimate affair between only the two of you, this is definitely an option. You may also want to include a group of friends to share this momentous occasion with you. We will work closely with you to ensure the dinner cruise is everything you want it to be.

Make this a night she will remember forever. You may want to start the evening with a romantic drive in a limousine to the marina. The crew hands her a single long-stemmed rose with a handwritten note from you as she boards the yacht.

There is soft music playing in the background as you sit down to an elegantly adorned table. The staff serves a scrumptious dinner you have pre-planned, a meal fit for a queen that you know she will enjoy. The beautiful sunset will make the evening even more magical.

After you enjoy dessert chosen especially for her, you raise your glass of champagne and tell her how much she means to you. With the night breeze blowing through your loved one’s hair, you get down on one knee and ask her to marry you. It is a proposal every woman dreams of in a romantic location. She will remember this day for the rest of her life.

You may have other ideas to make your marriage proposal unique and special. No matter how you choose to propose, a dinner cruise on San Francisco Bay is the perfect place.

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A Wedding Cruise on San Francisco Bay – A Cruise to Remember

Empress Events/ wedding cruise on San Francisco BayA Wedding Cruise on San Francisco Bay

Yacht charter San Francisco has all the makings of the ultimate wedding party. There are few better ways to celebrate the new union of two people in love than on a chartered yacht. This type of party is akin to the celebrity parties chronicled in magazines, but without the full price of the boat. Chartering a yacht makes it possible for people to use the boat, only when they need to, which in this case, would be for a wedding celebration. Empress Events is available to help make any couple’s wedding party an event to remember. Imagine: a wedding cruise on San Francisco Bay!

One of the best reasons to charter a boat, aside from the fact that a person wouldn’t have to make the huge investment required to purchase one, is that everything is taken care for the person chartering the boat. He or she won’t have to worry about controlling it, keeping it clean while out on the water and/or serving guests. All of the activities are handled by the charter company allowing for a totally hands-off experience for the party hosts and guests.


Yacht charter San Francisco companies run the gamut in terms of what types of features or services they offer. Some will offer more services than others. It will be extremely important for the couple or the wedding planner to think long and hard about what type of wedding party they want. They will then need to ensure that the yacht charter San Francisco company they are considering is able to deliver. The importance of this cannot be overstated. In order for a person or couple to get what they want on their big day, they will need to make sure that the charter company can make it happen. Fortunately, there are a number of them in the San Francisco metro area that can do just that.

Looking for the Right Yacht Charter

When shopping around for San Francisco charter companies, there are a few tell-tell signs which might suggest that a charter company isn’t worth doing business with. Individuals or wedding planners will want to steer clear of companies that aren’t very responsive. Responsiveness and good customer service is invaluable. This is especially true for planning a wedding. Because this day is so important, most people will want it to be as problem-free as possible. One way to increase the likelihood that it is problem-free is to hire the right charter company to host the wedding party. This is paramount. If a person hires the wrong company, trouble and quite possibly chaos, is likely to ensue. This will be the last thing a couple wants on their wedding day, a day designated for joy and celebration.

Opt for a wedding cruise on San Francisco Bay with Empress Events! It will be one to remember for the rest of your lives.

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San Francisco Yacht Charters: Boat Wedding Party in San Francisco

Empress EventsWeddings are always an exciting event. Two people pledging their love to each other is a momentous occasion. Weddings can take place in many places. Churches are popular. The same is true for wedding halls and hotels. An option that many people don’t often consider is saying their vows on a yacht. San Francisco yacht charters for a boat wedding party in San Francisco can be terrific for hosting a wedding. Companies such as Empress Events can assist you in making your wedding dreams a reality.

A couple who decides to get married on a yacht will more than likely have special feelings for the water and boating. What better place to get married than in surroundings that one enjoys and loves? Avid boaters can probably find no better place to wed then floating on the water in a beautiful yacht.

The problem for many people interested in getting married on a yacht is that they don’t own one. Yachts are very expensive and unless a couple is very well-to-do, chances are they won’t own one. Fortunately, this is a small problem and one that can easily be remedied. There are companies that charter yachts, allowing those who don’t own one, to have access to one. This solves the problem of not owning a yacht.

The beauty of having a yacht chartered rather than renting one is that there is typically a crew. They will handle steering the yacht and if there will be snacks and/or dinner on board, will take care of all of the preparation and service. The only thing the bride, groom, wedding party and guests have to do is enjoy themselves.

A yacht charter company will relieve much of the stress a couple might feel when attempting to plan their wedding. Because they have experience in this area, they will know exactly how to plan events so that things go as smoothly as possible. This is a great help to a frazzled bride and groom who often have no idea what they are doing.

A couple in need of San Francisco yacht charters for a boat wedding party will find that they have numerous options available to them in San Francisco. The city is a rather large one and going out on the water is a pretty popular activity. Because the selection is fairly numerous couples will need to be sure to perform their due diligence to avoid being dissatisfied on their big day. Fortunately, with so many decent San Francisco Yacht Charters, this shouldn’t be a problem as long as the bride and groom are willing to do their homework.

San Francisco Bay Yacht Charters Are Perfect for Weddings

Empress Events San Francisco

Can you imagine anything more romantic than saying “I do” under the Golden Gate Bridge? San Francisco Bay yacht charters are perfect for weddings. Contact Empress Events if you would like to find out more about this possibility for your wedding party.

Have your wedding party and guests meet at Sausalito port. To keep the bride from being seen by the groom prior to the wedding, a room is set aside for the bride to arrive early and get dressed on board the yacht. She will then be able to meet her groom on deck for the ceremony.

You can hire your own minister to conduct the wedding or Captain Gerry would be honored to officiate for you once the yacht has reached your desired location. Our Yacht “Empress” can comfortably hold up to 150 Guests. The day is yours so the Captain and crew are happy to assist in any way they can.

Empress Events can make suggestions on how to design your special day around a romantic sunset or gliding past a particular landmark that is important to you and your intended. They can provide catering or you can have your own food brought onto the yacht. Their desire is to help you make the wedding you’ve always dreamed of a reality.

Call Captain Gerry to explain your wedding plans. They are available to help you decide what to include in your wedding package. When it is time to find the best San Francisco Bay yacht charters for your wedding party, please remember to call Empress Events at 888-922-4898.

Plan the Ultimate San Francisco Wedding Cruise

San Francisco WeddingWhen it comes to weddings, most women know what they want. If you want to plan the ultimate San Francisco wedding cruise, there’s a little more to consider. Permit Empress Events to assist in making your wedding cruise dream a reality.

Talk to the staff of Empress Events to plan your ultimate San Francisco wedding cruise. They can help you decide on what to include in the wedding package based upon your budget. Some things you may want to discuss are:

  • How long will the wedding cruise last? There is no average length for this type of cruise. It is only limited by what your budget will allow.
  • What time of day will the cruise and wedding be? Since cruises can be scheduled 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, you can have your wedding at exactly the time you want it.
  • Where will the vows be said – at the port or during the cruise? You’ll also want to consider how many wedding guests there will be. This is something to consider if you plan on having a large guest list. The yachts do have space limitations and you’ll want to keep those limitations in mind when planning the ultimate San Francisco wedding cruise of your dreams.
  • Will there be a seated meal as the reception following the wedding? You’ll want to discuss your food and beverage choices with the Executive Chef. They are able to prepare whatever you desire.
  • Will the newlyweds remain on the yacht after the wedding party has disembarked? Perhaps both sets of parents will send the newlyweds on an overnight honeymoon cruise, as well.
  • Are there particular places in the San Francisco Bay or vantage points you want included during the cruise? Speak to Captain Gerry K. Robertson to discuss the vistas you would like to see.

Imagine saying your vows under the Golden Gate Bridge. You could also say them as the sun goes down and the lights of San Francisco come into view. A nautical wedding can be the perfect choice for an unusual special day that will be the envy of all your single friends.

Even though the Empress Cruises & Events yachts do have guest limitations, they can be the perfect choice for those wanting an intimate wedding. Empress Events can help you plan the ultimate San Francisco wedding cruise and help you make your wedding dreams a reality.

Getting Engaged on a Yacht

Getting EngagedPresenting the most romantic way of popping the question to your sweetheart – Hire a yacht, cruise along the magical waters of San Francisco Bay and propose to her on the deck during the magical moment as the sun sets – The entire yacht to yourselves, just the two of you and your own private captain. It’s an intimate, affordable plan. For something truly exceptional, to match that special occasion of your life, the romance, privacy, and beauty of a private cruise on San Francisco Bay remains unmatched. All you can hear is the gentle sound of the wind and the waves.

Take the time and make the effort to plan one of the most important days of your life. It does take a little bit of preparation to surprise your beloved with a romantic, unique, surprise engagement on the waters aboard a private yacht. Empress Cruises & Events of Sausalito operates throughout the year. Contact us and we will make available a yacht for your exclusive use. Tell us what you would like for your perfect day and we will arrange it any day, any time. Our event coordinators will custom tailor your special day with additions such as chilled champagne, flowers and a cake if you so desire.

We will ensure all arrangements are in place and provide you the perfect setting for the momentous occasion of your life. We are proud of our impeccable service and customized catering options.

Yachts are beautiful at full sail and can be an ideal place to propose. When you cast off from the dock of the Bay, you are about to embark on a one-of-a-kind sunset sailing experience while enjoying the stunning views of the SF Bay dotted with historical landmarks. Designed for comfort with upscale amenities, our yachts continue to raise the bar for the ultimate cruising experience.

If you’re looking for a magical location to ask the love of your life to become your life partner, there’s no better setting than the romantic city of San Francisco and no better place than a yacht cruise with a beautiful sunset as a backdrop. You could stand at the bow of the yacht and pop the question. It’s even more romantic at night under the moon and stars. For a very personalized experience, hire a private yacht for a couple of hours and surprise the love of your life in the most unexpected manner.