Empress Events Yacht Charter FAQ Series: Question # 4

Are you planning a special outing on the San Francisco Bay? If you have never been on this type of cruise, you may be wondering what to expect.  It is a beautiful way to unite family and friends.  In this series of short articles, we will answer some frequently asked questions. This is the fourth article of the FAQ series.

Question: What do I need to know about the on-board experience?

In this article we answer some frequently asked questions about the on-board experience on Empress Events.

Best Yacht Charter San Francisco Bay

  • What will I be able to see from the yacht?
    Get to know San Francisco Bay as never before on our cruises. We’ll glide past famous Alcatraz Island and sleepy Sausalito. You will be able to take unforgettable photos under the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoy the magnificence of San Francisco’s skyline.
  • Is there entertainment available on-board?
    Both of our luxury yachts have spacious dinning rooms and entertainment systems. Our Empress Yacht also hosts a hard wood dance floor. So, whether you would like a sit-down dinner with back-ground music or you would like to dance it out and play games with your guests, our yachts are the perfect option.
  • What should I wear on a cruise?
    This is a personal decision and each cruise will differ depending on the occasion being celebrated and the time of day and season. Anything from black tie to casual clothing is acceptable. Comfortable shoes and layers to protect from the wind are recommended.
  • Is it easy to get on board?
    Empress Events dock offers the most flexible and safe boarding options. When booking your cruise event be sure to specify if you need any specialized attention that we can provide.

best yacht charter san francisco bay


So, how is the overall on-board experience?
Answer: At Empress Events we work tirelessly to ensure that you will thoroughly enjoy every moment of your cruise and create unforgettable memories!

“We just hosted an event there, and it was fantastic. The crew was first class: helpful, attentive, fun, cheery, and with a great attitude. The yacht was a surprise for our guests, who thought it was even better than we described. Plus, when whales started showing up in the Bay, the captain slowed the boat down long enough for us to view, and another crew member would say over the microphone which side they were on.
Great experience!”


“Thank you Empress Events!! My husband said it was the best 40th birthday party he could ask for! All of our guests said the food was amazing!! Water was a little choppy (if you easily get motion sick I would recommend taking something). Views were breathtaking. I will definitely book the Empress again.”


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Empress Events Yacht Charter FAQ Series: Question # 3

Are you planning a special outing on the San Francisco Bay? If you have never been on this type of cruise, you may be wondering what to expect.  It is a beautiful way to unite family and friends.  In this series of short articles, we will answer some frequently asked questions. This is the third article of the FAQ’s series!

Question: Is there food available on board?

Each and every one of our cruises is planned according to the wishes of the client. There are so many options when planning a cruise. Want a little finger food? Some drinks and dessert? Or maybe a full-course meal? All of the above? Think of all the possibilities! Here are a couple sample menus to get you started…


“The Sausalito” – $35 per person

Starter – Cheese and Fruit Display: Assorted cheeses served with seasonal fresh and dried fruits, candied pecans and crackers

Entrée Served with truffle whipped mash potato, asparagus and side salad.  Choose 2 entree to offer your guests:

  • Tarragon Chicken
    8 oz. boneless breast of chicken, seared and served with a light fresh tarragon cream sauce
  • Beef Mushroom Marsala
    Beef shoulder tender medallions served with sautéed mushrooms in a marsala wine sauce
  • Baked Tilapia
    Herbed coated tilapia filet, topped with a lemon butter sauce
  • Vegetarian lasagna
    Layers of seasonal vegetables and marsacopone, ricotta cheese with an herbed bread crumb topping
  • Spinach ricotta ravioli
    With sautéed spinach and a cambazola cream sauce

luxury yacht charter san francisco bay

Dessert Options

From $3 to $6 dollars per person

  • Assorted Petit fours
    8 Chocolate truffle, brownie, red velvet, carrot cake
  • Cheese Cake
    Garnished with whipped cream and fresh berries
  • Tiramisu
    Garnished with wipped cream and chocolate sauce
  • Yogurt parfait
    Vanilla yogurt, fresh fruit and crunchy vanilla
  • Poached pear
    Bosc pear drizzled in honey
  • Chocolate lava cake
    Indiviual cake, garnished with berries and whipped cream
  • Red Velvet cake
    Individual cake, garnished with berries and whipped cream

luxury yacht charter san francisco Bay


All allergies and dietary needs are taken into consideration during the planning sessions. Is one of your guests vegetarian, gluten or lactose intolerant, or on a special heart-healthy diet? No problem! Our staff can create the ideal menu to accommodate everyone’s preferences, or you can tell us exactly what you would like.

There is a full bar on board the boat. The bartender is very friendly and makes amazing specialty drinks. The minute you board the boat, start relaxing and enjoy the views while sipping your favorite beverage.

Our executive event planner Deborah, will be there every step of the way as you plan your perfect event. Everyone here at Empress Events is dedicated to ensure your safety and happiness.

So, is there food available on board?

Answer: Yes! And the best part…you choose exactly what you would like!


“ Empress Events what can I say! They did a great job over the weekend for my brothers 21st birthday party. The food to the drinks everyone enjoyed every single bit. Deborah worked with us from last year till the very minute the party was over. I hope I can plan something else in the future with them. Totally great party, enjoyed every minute!
Thanks Empress for having us!”

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Luxury Yacht Charter San Francisco Bay



Empress Events Yacht Charter FAQ Series: Question # 2

Are you planning a special outing on the San Francisco Bay? If you have never been on this type of cruise, you may be wondering what to expect.  It is a beautiful way to unite family and friends.  In this series of short articles, we will answer some frequently asked questions. This is the second article of the FAQ’s series.

Question: How many people can the yacht seat comfortably?

We have two different sized yachts available for cruises on San Francisco Bay. The first, named “The Empress”, is the larger of our yachts. It has three different decks that offer comfortable dining areas for up to 150 guests, as well as a dance floor and breathtaking views from many angles. This yacht is perfect for sightseeing cruises with large groups, wedding ceremonies, corporate events and private parties for any occasion.

Our second, smaller yacht is called “The Golden Gate Empress”. This yacht can comfortably fit up to 83 guests. It has an expansive upper deck for sightseeing and very comfortable amenities inside, perfect for dining and enjoying the company of your guests. This yacht is ideal for weddings, elite corporate events, private parties and smaller family gatherings.

Larger yachts for parties of 500-2000 guests are also available by earlier order. Each cruise, including which yacht would be best for the event, is carefully planned based on the needs of the client. For an estimate on your planned cruise, please call +1 (415) 332-3291 or go to the “Reserve Now” page.

private yacht charter sf bay

The Empress

private yacht charter sf bay

The Golden Gate Empress







So, how many people can the yacht seat comfortably?

  • “The Empress”, 150
  • “The Golden Gate Empress”, 83
  • Special order yacht, up to 2000

“All our family and friends couldn’t stop talking about how classy and seamless everything was. We owe it to you. We will be back soon!
All our best.”

“I went on a event cruise with this company and it was totally awesome! The boat was very cute, clean and the staff was amazing. Andrew went above and beyond to make our parties experience great. I will totally recommend this business to my friends. Thank you!” 

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Empress Events – Private Yacht Charter SF Bay

Empress Events Yacht Charter FAQ Series: Question # 1

Are you planning a special outing on the San Francisco Bay? If you have never been on this type of cruise, you may be wondering what to expect.  It is a beautiful way to unite family and friends.  In the following series of short articles, we will answer some frequently asked questions. Stay tuned!

Question: What events does Empress Events host?

A SF Bay Yacht Charter is ideal for just about any occasion. Below are a few of the many, many possibilities available! Each and every event is carefully planned and organized with the client to ensure complete satisfaction.


Wedding Cruise: 
One of the most romantic places in the world to tie the knot.

“Thank you for being a part of our wonderful day. You [Gerry] and your crew made the whole night worry & stress free. We can’t wait to do our anniversary party with you!”
Brittany & Chris


download (23)Anniversary Cruise: Celebrate a lifetime of love with friends and family while gliding on the San Francisco Bay.

“Thank you again for a great event! We had a FABULOUS time and are so thankful for all you did in making our party a huge success!
Thank you so much again and I hope for the chance to reconnect in the future!

Private Parties San FranciscoBirthday Cruise: Celebrate in style and throw a party your friends will be talking about for a long time to come.

“What a time we had… Thank you!. Thanks so much for making my 40th Birthday so special. I can’t begin to explain just how appreciative I am. The yacht was awesome! We all had a blast!”


Corporate Events San FranciscoCompany Party: Bring your team members together and boost morale.

“ I organized my company holiday party with Empress events. I couldn’t have pictured a more pleasant evening. The crew were so friendly and accommodating. The whole night seemed to effortlessly flow because of all their help. The buffet dinner was so delicious and the view of the sunset under the Golden Gate was breathtaking. From beginning to end, the whole event was flawless. ”

Ash Scattering and Memorial Services: A respectful way to say goodbye.ash scattering san francisco bay

“Thank you for guiding me through a very difficult time. You were there to hold my hand and tell me what I needed to do. It was BEAUTIFUL!”


So, What events do we host?

Answer: Each and every event! We work with you to design your ideal event.

Call today and let us help make your special day a reality with a SF Bay Yacht Charter.

sf bay yacht charter

San Francisco Yacht Charters – Come Celebrate on the Bay!

San Francisco Bay CruiseA San Francisco Bay Cruise on a luxury yacht is a terrific choice for individuals interested in celebrating on the Bay. Such charters can be appropriated for numerous occasions. Below are a few ideas that would be appropriate for renting a yacht charter but these are by no means the only ones.

Birthday Parties:  What better way to celebrate growing one year older than on a luxury yacht? Not only is it an enjoyable way to do so, but it’s also unique.   A person who celebrates in this manner will be the talk of all of their friends and family. One of the coolest things about being able to charter a yacht is the ability to access one without actually purchasing it. Few people can afford yachts, especially a luxury one. Chartering makes it possible for a person to live like the rich and famous without being either. Anyone looking to impress their peers and have a good time should consider a San Francisco Bay Cruise.

Anniversaries: Anniversaries are another great occasion to charter a yacht. Spending a few hours on a yacht with one’s honey, celebrating life together, would be very memorable. It would also be quite special. Whether this is a surprise excursion or one planned by the couple, it would definitely be an occasion to remember.

Date Night: The occasion doesn’t have to be a special one to charter a yacht. It’s a terrific choice for date night. Couples tired of dinner and the movies may want to consider a more exciting option, with a chartered yacht being an underused option. Why not go big and make “date night” something to really remember.

Proposals: When it comes to proposals, it’s either “go big or go home.” A gentleman (or woman) who wants to impress his beloved when popping the big question, will need to think outside the box. A chartered yacht is one option that is sure to impress. If she says yes (or even if she doesn’t), it is almost guaranteed that she will enjoy reliving the moment and bragging to all her family and friends about it. A chartered boat on the San Francisco Bay
should definitely impress her (or him).

A San Francisco Bay Cruise: In Summary

There are numerous occasions where a San Francisco Bay Cruise on our luxury yachts would be an excellent choice. They include, but are not limited to the above, birthday parties, date night, anniversaries and proposals. Each of the aforementioned is ideal. Each offers an opportunity to celebrate life, love and happiness with one’s closet friends, lover or family members. This list is not exhaustive, as was mentioned above. There are many other occasions where a yacht charter might be the perfect setting.

Call Empress Events today to make your next special occasion the best yet!

san francisco bay cruise

San Francisco Bay Tour with Empress Events

San Francisco Bay TourIndividuals interested in a San Francisco Bay tour should consider doing so in a yacht. Yachts offer unsurpassed accommodations on the water. What better way to view the beautiful Bay than from a yacht? Tour the bay with the experienced staff of Empress Events.

San Francisco is a fun city. It is one of America’s top tourism destinations and for good reason. There are plenty of things both to do and to see, with the Bay area being one of the most popular. A person visiting San Francisco may want to consider touring the Bay on a yacht. It is a great option for enjoying the occasion with family and friends. A yacht charter is also a good choice for weddings, birthday celebrations or any other special occasion.

In addition to servicing tourists, yacht charters are also great fun for locals. Why not celebrate a milestone event or an accomplishment with the most important people in one’s life on a yacht? A cruise is great fun for everyone. Being chauffeured around on one of America’s most noted bodies of water adds to the excitement.

Whether an individual is seeing the San Francisco Bay for the first time or wants to do so in a way that they haven’t before, a yacht is an excellent choice. It offers water travel at its finest. Individuals are almost guaranteed to have a good time when they cruise the Bay with Empress Events.

A San Francisco Bay tour on a yacht can be incredibly fun. It is a perfect way to spend the day or evening, for any occasion. Whatever the reason, a good quality, yachting charter company can make a trip on the San Francisco Bay, incredibly enjoyable and exciting. Call Empress Events to plan your San Francisco Bay tour today!

Super Bowl 50

San Francisco Super Bowl 50

San Francisco Super Bowl 50 Experience

Panthers versus Broncos
February 7, 2016

The excitement is building and San Francisco is getting ready! Super bowl 50 is less than two weeks away and the Bay Area is in high gear preparing to show the estimated one million visitors a super time.  Even though only 75,000 will actually be able to attend the game in Levi’s stadium, football fans want to live the Super Bowl experience!

Be sure to plan ahead to enjoy all the special activities that will be held from January 30 to February 7. With so many exciting things to see in San Francisco and so many day trip options (Monterrey Bay for gray whale watching, Sonoma or Napa for wine tasting, a visit to gold country near Sacramento, the big trees in Muir woods in Marin county, etc.) you are certain to have a fun filled week.

And to top off your trip to San Francisco – “The City by the Bay” – take an unforgettable luxury yacht tour of the Bay, a special way to see and appreciate San Francisco.  Get spectacular views of the city skyline, the piers, Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, all while enjoying a refreshing drink on the deck.  And then, let the city lights accompany
you as you enjoy a succulent dinner prepared on board.

Super Bowl 50

So come aboard the newest yacht on the San Francisco Bay – 90ft “Empress”. The Empress can accommodate up to 150 guests for a cocktail/ hors d’oeuvres reception and buffet or sit down dinner. The yacht is equipped with flat screen TVs, dance floor, and two separate bars. The Empress can also accommodate a full band.

Empress Events is a family-owned and operated, luxury yacht charter group founded by Captain Gerry K. Robertson who has 25 years of experience sailing the San Francisco Bay Delta.

Call us toll free:  888.922.4898


Super Bowl 50


Super Bowl 2016 Yacht Charters




Super Bowl 2016The biggest party of the year is coming to the Bay! San Francisco is hosting Super Bowl 50 – The Golden State is the fitting home for the “Golden” Super Bowl. Super Bowl 50 will be played February 7th 2016 in the LEED Gold certified, state-of-the-art Levi’s® Stadium in Santa Clara, California, which is the greenest and most technologically advanced NFL football stadium in the United States.

Starting January 30th the San Francisco Bay area will be receiving an estimated one million visitors who will be attending the festivities during the Super Bowl week. With so many special activities and attractions to choose from, you will want to take time to make your Super Bowl 50 bucket list so you don’t miss out on what you really want to do and see!

Make your trip to the Super Bowl even more “Golden” by taking your whole group on a luxury Yacht tour of San Francisco Bay! After a day of site-seeing or having had “the NFL experience” treat yourself to the unforgettable adventure of admiring the San Francisco Lights slipping by while relishing a fresh beverage on the deck of one of our yachts only to be followed by an exquisite dinner on the Bay basking in the magnificence of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Make unforgettable memories with friends and family during a history-making week in the Bay by coming aboard the newest yacht on the San Francisco Bay – 90ft “Empress”. The Empress can accommodate up to 150 guests for a cocktail/ Hors d’oeuvres reception and buffet or sit down dinner. It is equipped with flat screen TVs, dance floor, and two separate bars. The Empress can also accommodate full bands. Overnight stays can also be arranged.

Empress Events is a family-owned and operated luxury yacht charter group founded by Captain Gerry K. Robertson who has 25 years of experience sailing the San Francisco Bay Delta.

Call us Toll Free: 888-922-4898

Super Bowl 50

Cruise Events San Francisco Bay!

Want to make a special occasion even more special? Why not try a Yacht Charter around San Francisco Bay? For every occasion in life, a luxury yacht charter can make the event even more memorable for everyone involved. Consider some of the following life events that will shine even brighter because you shared them with your friends and family aboard an Empress Events Yacht.


cruise events san francisco bayA child’s graduation from high school or college is a momentous occasion that merits a celebration! Celebrate in style with friends and family on a cruise around San Francisco Bay.  Give them a taste of the kind of life possible with diligent study and hard work.



cruise events san francisco bayWhom, whether young or old, wouldn’t love celebrating their birthday on a luxury yacht? Think about how special your daughter would feel having her sweet 16 party while cruising around San Francisco Bay. Celebrating a birthday while watching the lights of San Francisco twinkle in the distance can make your next birthday an unforgettable experience!



cruise events san francisco bayCan’t think of what to do for your parents 50th wedding anniversary? Imagine the delight on their faces when you have them dropped off for their wedding anniversary party on one of the Empress Events deluxe yachts! The professional staff and crew of Empress Events will help you plan the perfect anniversary event whether it’s to celebrate a first, fifth, twenty-fifth, fiftieth or seventy-fifth anniversary. It is also a very special way to celebrate your own anniversary!


Bar or Bat Mitzvahs:

cruise events san francisco bayJewish teens celebrate moving from childhood to adulthood with either a Bar Mitzvah (for the boys) or Bat Mitzvah (for the girls). This life event is something Jewish children prepare for and look forward to for years. Sharing this event on an Empress Events yacht will make this celebration something they will not soon forget.


Burial at Sea:

cruise events san francisco bayTo celebrate the life of a loved one, a burial at sea may be the perfect home-going ceremony. A burial at sea is often appropriate for families who have a strong connection with the sea, specifically for those who were members of the Navy. If they enjoyed being on the water during their lifetime, doesn’t it make sense to honor them with this type of memorial service?


Cruise Events San Francisco Bay:

Each and every event hosted on an Empress Events Cruise is carefully planned with the client to ensure total satisfaction. From food and drinks to decorations, from music and entertainment to solemn ceremonies, we will be there every step of the way so you can relax and enjoy your special occasion.

Think about the things you observe and contact Empress Events to see how they can help you celebrate them. For every occasion in life, a San Francisco Bay yacht charter is the way to go.

Cruise Events San Francisco Bay – Empress Events


Giants Yacht Charter

Watch History unfold before your very eyes on our Luxury Yachts.

The Giants will go to the World Series for the 3rd time in 5 years!

Cruise to the “GIANTS” World Series with your friends aboard a Private Giants Yacht Charter this 24th, 25th and 26th of October.

Giants Yacht Charter – Two Private Party Yachts to MC Covey Cove for the Giants World Series!

Giants Yacht Charter

The Giants Yacht Charter party commences from either Sausalito, Pier 40 or Gas House Cove (Marina) for a boat charter to AT&T park and setting anchor at MC Covey Cove.

Mention this blog or any Empress Events Facebook post for a promotional discount.

It’s going to be the Biggest Party on San Francisco Bay!


This October marks the start of Major League Baseball’s 110th World Series. The San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals will now play three games at At&T Park in San Francisco.

This is the first World Series with two teams that have won fewer than 90 games in the regular season, the first time a second wild card has made it and the second time the World Series features two wild cards.


World Series, Game 3
Friday, October 24, 8:07 PM
AT&T Park, San Francisco, California

World Series, Game 4
Saturday, October 25, 8:07 PM
AT&T Park, San Francisco, California

World Series, Game 5
Sunday, October 26, 8:07 PM
AT&T Park, San Francisco, California

*Cost of Giants Game Ticket is not included.