A Solemn Ash-Scattering Ceremony for Your Loved One

Ash Scattering San Francisco BayThe loss of a loved one is a difficult and emotional time for the family. Increasingly more and more people are opting for ash scattering of their family and loved ones for their own reasons. Scattering ashes is something that should be done with respect, dignity and with a sense of celebration of life. Ash scattering on a marine background is a beautiful final tribute, a respectful way of returning a loved one to nature, in a peaceful natural setting. Environmental considerations are making the scattering of cremated remains an increasingly attractive alternative to traditional forms of burial.

Ashes scattering at sea brings closure to the loss of a loved one and brings in a sense of finality and of a new beginning.

At their end, many choose to return to the sea; but sometimes because of the logistics involved, it is not always possible to scatter ashes without professional assistance. Empress Events helps your family honor the final wish of your loved one. We provide private ash scattering and sea memorial services. We offer two kinds of memorial services: placement at sea, or scattering ashes to sea. During a placement at sea service, the cremated remains or cremains as they are sometimes called, are sealed in a bio-degradable urn which is “placed” in the water to descend to the seabed. A funeral director or clergy may assist during the ceremony.

Revisits to original ash scattering locations can also be arranged. Our boats are Coast Guard Inspected and run by licensed captains and adhere to the strictest safety standards. The law says the scattering must be done 500 yards or more from shore of the ocean.

We are happy to personalize each service according to the wishes of the families involved. We can arrange rose petals or cut flowers to release into the water. The Captain will position the boat so that the ashes will blow away from the boat and get dispersed with the wind.
We specialize in small groups and you have the entire motor vessel to yourself. You may bring music if you like and catering is available. On the spectacular setting of San Francisco Bay, family and friends say their final goodbye to their loved one.

Please give us a call at 888-922-4898 and we can arrange all of the details required for scattering ashes in San Francisco Bay. During this difficult time for your family, Empress Events assure you of the respect and honor your loved one deserves on their journey to their final resting-place.