San Francisco Yacht Charters – Come Celebrate on the Bay!

San Francisco Bay CruiseA San Francisco Bay Cruise on a luxury yacht is a terrific choice for individuals interested in celebrating on the Bay. Such charters can be appropriated for numerous occasions. Below are a few ideas that would be appropriate for renting a yacht charter but these are by no means the only ones.

Birthday Parties:  What better way to celebrate growing one year older than on a luxury yacht? Not only is it an enjoyable way to do so, but it’s also unique.   A person who celebrates in this manner will be the talk of all of their friends and family. One of the coolest things about being able to charter a yacht is the ability to access one without actually purchasing it. Few people can afford yachts, especially a luxury one. Chartering makes it possible for a person to live like the rich and famous without being either. Anyone looking to impress their peers and have a good time should consider a San Francisco Bay Cruise.

Anniversaries: Anniversaries are another great occasion to charter a yacht. Spending a few hours on a yacht with one’s honey, celebrating life together, would be very memorable. It would also be quite special. Whether this is a surprise excursion or one planned by the couple, it would definitely be an occasion to remember.

Date Night: The occasion doesn’t have to be a special one to charter a yacht. It’s a terrific choice for date night. Couples tired of dinner and the movies may want to consider a more exciting option, with a chartered yacht being an underused option. Why not go big and make “date night” something to really remember.

Proposals: When it comes to proposals, it’s either “go big or go home.” A gentleman (or woman) who wants to impress his beloved when popping the big question, will need to think outside the box. A chartered yacht is one option that is sure to impress. If she says yes (or even if she doesn’t), it is almost guaranteed that she will enjoy reliving the moment and bragging to all her family and friends about it. A chartered boat on the San Francisco Bay
should definitely impress her (or him).

A San Francisco Bay Cruise: In Summary

There are numerous occasions where a San Francisco Bay Cruise on our luxury yachts would be an excellent choice. They include, but are not limited to the above, birthday parties, date night, anniversaries and proposals. Each of the aforementioned is ideal. Each offers an opportunity to celebrate life, love and happiness with one’s closet friends, lover or family members. This list is not exhaustive, as was mentioned above. There are many other occasions where a yacht charter might be the perfect setting.

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Time for a Holiday Party in San Francisco

holiday yacht party SF bayIs it time for a holiday yacht party SF Bay? If it is, calling Empress Events will be the beginning of ensuring the event is a hit for you and those you invite. Look at the checklist below to plan a holiday party to remember.

Planning a Holiday Yacht Party SF Bay

The first part of planning is: where will you have the party? Our yacht, the “Empress Yacht”, is the perfect choice for parties of up to 150 guests.

Next, when will you throw the party? Obviously, if you are planning to have a party for a specific holiday, you will want to try to set the date as close to that holiday as possible. It is a good idea to schedule the party at least a month in advance. The longer ahead of time you can secure the date and time, the more likely you will be to get the date you want.

An important party detail includes the food, beverages and entertainment. If you book your holiday yacht party with Empress Events you can a choose holiday party package that meets your budget and wishes.

Another factor to plan is decorations and themes.  Theme parties can be fun for holidays but they are not necessary. Specific holidays will require a certain type of decorations but that does not mean you have to have a theme related to the holiday. Why not come up with something unusual and unexpected for your holiday party this year?

No matter how much you have to spend on your holiday party in San Francisco, you can have a wonderful party your friends and family will enjoy and talk about for years. The staff at Empress Events can help you plan a great party that will stay within your budget.

Jump Aboard Empress Events for your next Holiday Party!

When you are ready to plan your holiday party, contact Empress Events. Our staff will work closely with you to plan a party that will be the hit of the holiday. With Empress Event’s help, plan and host a holiday yacht party that will be successful and everyone will enjoy.

Holiday Yacht Party SF Bay

Celebrate Your Next Event on San Francisco Bay

charter a yacht san franciscoIndividuals or businesses interested celebrating their next event in an out of the ordinary way should consider a luxury yacht charter on San Francisco Bay. A cruise is ideal for every occasion. Below are three occasions perfect to charter a yacht San Francisco Bay.


Office Parties:

Looking to try something different for your next office party? Chartering a yacht is a very different option. It is likely to be much more exciting and fun. It could be a very good way to celebrate excellent employees, a reached goal or to boost morale. So, why not charter a yacht San Francisco for your next corporate party?

Holiday Celebrations:

During the holidays, families often congregate to a designated family member’s home. A cruise could be an enjoyable alternative. Bring your family together aboard a luxury yacht. Enjoy one another’s company and the beautiful sites of San Francisco Bay.

Engagement Parties:

Getting married is a momentous occasion. Many people upon becoming engaged will throw themselves (or someone will throw one for them) an engagement party. These parties are an opportunity for the family and friends of the engaged couple to get together, celebrate and offer best wishes. Individuals that want to make the occasion extra special may want to consider chartering a yacht.

In Summary: Charter a Yacht San Francisco

Chartering a boat is a great way to make an already special occasion an even more special one. No matter what the occasion is, from engagement parties to wedding, from holiday parties to corporate events, a yacht charter is the perfect way to celebrate!

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We just hosted an event there, and it was fantastic. The crew was first class: helpful, attentive, fun, cheery, and with a great attitude. The yacht was a surprise for our guests, who thought it was even better than we described.
Plus, when whales started showing up in the Bay, the captain slowed the boat down long enough for us to view, and another crew member would say over the microphone which side they were on.
Great experience!” Kevin

Planning Your Next Christmas Party on San Francisco Bay

Empress EventsThe holiday season will soon be in full swing, so it is time to begin planning your next Christmas party on San Francisco Bay if you have not already done so. Empress Events can help you make this year’s event one your friends and family are sure to remember. If you are planning a business Christmas party, your employees will enjoy a different venue than the office conference room.

Date – Of course, since it is a Christmas party, you will want to get the party date set as soon as possible to ensure you actually get to HAVE a Christmas party. The dates closest to Christmas book up fast, so the sooner you get the date set, the better. Be flexible, however, in case the dates closest to Christmas are already taken.

Budget – No matter if you plan to have 10 or 100 people at your party and whether the partygoers are family or co-workers, the next step after choosing and setting the date is to consider how much you have to spend. Having an established budget will let you see where you need to spend money, will help you decide which things are necessities or wishes and it will also help you know how much you can spend on food per person. Fortunately, Empress Events offers a variety of services that will fit every budget.

Food – Allowing Empress Events to cater your Christmas party is the easiest way for the party planner to enjoy the party, as well. You may also want to consider an outside caterer or have a pot luck-style party with everyone bringing an appetizer or dessert. While you are thinking about food, do not forget the beverages. Both Empress Events yachts have a full bar for those who are interested.

Guests – Once you know how much you can spend, it will make it easier to determine whom to invite to the party. Obviously, if you are having a company party, this may include having a party for the entire company or just specific departments. If you have a large party, up to 149 guests, The Empress is the right yacht for your party. Smaller, more intimate parties of less than 50 will enjoy partying on The Avalon.

Theme – Not all parties have to have a theme, but since you are having a Christmas Party on San Francisco Bay, why not? You could have an “Ugliest Christmas Sweater”, Christmas Cookie Swap or Christmas Carol Karaoke theme party. Use your imagination, or get other creative people to come up with a unique theme that will make the party even more festive.

It really is not difficult to plan the perfect Christmas party. Be sure to consider these five items and you are sure to have a wonderful party your guests will enjoy. The staff at Empress Events is available to help you plan and will work within your allotted budget. Make this year’s Christmas party on San Francisco Bay one everyone will remember for years to come.


Corporate Yacht Charter San Francisco: San Francisco Bay Holiday Party

Empress Events San Francisco BayIf you are considering a corporate yacht charter in San Francisco the options are pretty numerous. San Francisco is a big city and people enjoy being out on the water. Consequently, there is a pretty big demand for boat charter companies like Empress Events. The city is also quite beautiful and has many tourist attractions as well as being a melting pot of cultures and people. This makes it ideal for visitors. People, from throughout the United States and around the world, visit San Francisco and with good reason.

A yacht trip in the San Francisco Bay would be a fabulous way to spend some time while in the city. Individuals interested in spending time on the Bay, should consider taking a boat or having a chartered party.

A San Francisco Bay holiday party is another option. It would be a terrific way to spend the holiday season. An individual could host a party, as could a company. Many companies have an annual holiday party. Why not get out of the office and onto a boat? Office parties can sometimes be enjoyable, but year after year of the same types of parties can wear on even the most festive person. A chartered boat San Francisco holiday party has the potential to be a blast and would likely be much appreciated by a company’s employees.

A lot of planning goes into throwing a corporate holiday party. Some companies will either appoint a single person as the unofficial party planner, or a committee of individuals. While handling in-house office parties is easy enough, it may prove to be a little too difficult for a party planning committee to plan a boat or yacht part on their own. There are a number of issues that must be addressed, including issues of legality. Working with a company that specializes in yacht charters is typically the best option. It helps things go more smoothly.

Corporate Yacht Charter San Francisco parties are often quite enjoyable. Because the vessel is being chartered rather than rented there is staff on board, trained to handle everyone’s needs. They will take care of set-up and clean up. This makes things a breeze for the attendees. The only thing they have to do is arrive, have a good time and then leave when they are ready or when the party is over.

Companies interested in chartering a yacht for their annual holiday party, should strongly consider doing so. It could be a terrific way to reward employees for a job well done or another year in business. As mentioned above, it is a good idea to work alongside a company whose specialty is chartering boats and yachts. Doing so will often ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Yacht Charter San Francisco Fun for Family and Friends

Spending time on a yacht charter in San Francisco is great fun for family and friends. The San Francisco Bay is one of the city’s most beautiful areas. A day or night time trip is a great way to spend time with the people a person loves the most. Upon deciding to charter a yacht, like with the experienced staff and beautiful yachts at Empress Events, there are a few things that a person should look for in a charter company.

Empress Events Yacht Charter San FranciscoA Yacht Charter in San Francisco: What to Look For

  • Great Reputation: It is always a good idea to hire a charter company with a good reputation. This will increase the likelihood that the company offers quality services. It will be important that individuals do all that they can do to avoid working with poor companies. Such companies will likely be a waste of time and money. It could even put an individual (as well as their family members and friends) in peril, which is obviously something that people will want to avoid.
  • Quality Yachts: A quality yacht makes for a more fun trip! Everyone enjoys riding on a great looking yacht. The experience is much more enjoyable. Riding around on one that’s broken down and unattractive is not only a bummer, it can be dangerous. The last thing a person will want to do is capsize in the Bay. That wouldn’t make for an enjoyable night.
  • Experienced Crews: It is very important that the crew of the yacht charter company hires an experienced and well-trained crew. Such crews will be adept at making sure that the passengers are taken care and are having a good time. Experienced crews also tend to be safer. They are able steer clear of danger and/or handle any danger which presents itself.
  • Quality Tours: To ensure that one’s time on the water is enjoyable, it is important to find a charter company that provides quality tours. It’s imperative that individuals learn as much as they can about the tour’s route and what, if any, sights will be seen. Quality tours will make sure that its clients get to enjoy the best views.

In summary, when seeking out a yacht charter in San Francisco Bay, it is important that individuals seek out those that have experienced crews, nice yachts, a good reputation and quality tours. This increases the likelihood that a trip will be a good one for everyone involved.

Celebrate the Holidays with a SF Dinner Cruise

YSan Francisco Yacht Charterou can make a new tradition for you and your loved ones by choosing to celebrate the holidays with a SF dinner cruise. Sign up for one of the special events that are hosted during the season or work with a cruise specialist, like one of the experienced staff at Empress Events, to plan a special evening catered to fit your needs no matter which holiday you are celebrating.

Top Tips to Help You Celebrate the Holidays with a SF Dinner Cruise

– Plan early for your event. The holiday schedule for the dinner cruise company will fill up fast. Making your reservation now will help you insure that you get the time and date that you want for your event. You also want to be sure that those you invite have time to plan to attend.

– Review the specials that are being offered. Cruises to celebrate different holidays (and different times over the holidays) can be the best way to make the most of your SF dinner cruise experience. You will benefit from amazing catered meals and special entertainment all designed to create the perfect holiday experience.

– Consider planning a special evening cruise just for you and your loved ones. You can book a cruise for a party of friends or keep it intimate with just a few couples. Select the meal that will delight your guests and then add entertainment that will keep them talking about your holiday event for years to come.

– Research any special activities going on in the community. Let your dinner cruise take advantage of fireworks, a parade of lights or other special celebrations that might be going on. You will enjoy your cruise and take part in community traditions at the same time.

– Plan for the unexpected. Have a secondary plan available in case the weather turns bad (or in the event that the date you want is not available). Being prepared for the things that you do not plan will help make sure that you plan an event you will enjoy.

– Work with a professional. An event planner can provide you with those special tips and suggestions that will make your holiday cruise stand out from the crowd.

Step outside the ordinary and expected when it comes to planning your holiday events. Move your celebration on to the water and let the evening reflect your unique view on the holidays just like the lights will reflect off the water. You can make the most of your evening out by choosing to celebrate the holidays with a SF dinner cruise.

Top Tips for a Holiday Party in San Francisco

Boat Cruise San Francisco BayCreating a great holiday party in San Francisco requires the right mixture of creativity and planning. You can choose to do all of the work on your own, or you can get the expert advice of event planning specialists, like the experienced staff at Empress Events. Either route can give you the edge when it comes to making your holiday party an event to remember.

Tips for a Holiday Party in San Francisco

– Set the mood with a unique theme or color scheme. Skip the traditional colors for the holiday and choose a color that will represent the holiday but still color a little outside the lines. Carry the color scheme all the way through from the invites to the food (if possible) to some of the songs that are played during the evening. When it comes to choosing the theme, the only real limits will be your imagination. This can be a great time to work with an events specialist to get some ideas and insight on direction for your holiday party.

– Think about the purpose of the gathering. A holiday party designed to gather will be set up and arranged a little different from one that focuses on celebrating an event, achievements or awards. You will need to be specific with your event location to ensure that the flow of the evening works with the purpose of the holiday party.

– Put everything in writing. The best way to guarantee problems for your event is to rely on conversations (either in person or on the phone). Put everything down in writing – for your benefit and for the benefit of those providing any of the services for the night. Be sure that all parties sign what is written so that everyone is LITERALLY on the same page about what is expected for the event.

– Expect things to have a few flaws. A perfect night would be the best experience for everyone, but things happen. Let the things that can’t be changed go and enjoy the party. You can deal with those issues after the night is over. Your guests will have a better time (even if things are not perfect) if you are having a good time as well.

Putting together a holiday event that is remembered for all of the right reasons can be a challenge. The earlier you begin to put your event together the easier that task becomes. Following a few tips can help you when it comes time to crafting your holiday party in San Francisco.

Planning a Boat Party on San Francisco Bay

Planning a boat party on San Francisco Bay is so easy to do. Think of the events in your life that you want to celebrate. A boat party would make each event that much more special.

Empress Events has been a family owned and operated yacht charter for over 25 years. They stand ready, 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, to help you plan a boat party that will be remembered for years to come. Call them today at 1-888-922-4898 to discuss your party needs.

What do you think of when planning a party? You think about location, attendees, food and beverages, as well as theme and music.

One of the main components to lock down for any party is location. When planning a boat party on San Francisco Bay, you will have a location that is not limited the way landlocked locations are. You may begin the party at the dock but a yacht can sail along the Bay and provide a great backdrop to your festivities.

You’ll also consider how many people to invite to the party. The Avalon is perfect for intimate parties of six or less whereas the Empress will allow you to have up to 149 guests. Either yacht will be a wonderful location your guests will remember.

Most parties will include food and beverages of some type. You can provide some of the food, if you have specific foods you want, but the executive chef is also available to help you with your menu. The chef can prepare brunch, lunch or dinner buffets or prepare only hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Take the time to explain what you want and they will do their best to ensure those desires are met.

Obviously, if you have your party upon a yacht, a nautical theme would seem logical. You can choose whatever theme you desire and the staff and crew will help make those decorations possible.

Perhaps you want to have music and dancing at your party. Both Empress Events yachts can accommodate some type of music. When you speak with the staff and crew of Empress Events, they will do whatever they can to provide the atmosphere and music you desire.

Empress Events is available make planning a boat party on San Francisco Bay a reality. Call them at 1-888-922-4898 to schedule your party today.

Reserve a Luxury Yacht Cruise for Holiday Parties

Holiday Party San Francisco BayPeople always tend to look for some unique and exciting holiday party venues to spend some memorable moments with family and friends. And when it comes to party on a luxury yacht cruise, then nothing else stands in comparison. A holiday party on a yacht cruise is the most thrilling and unique way to celebrate good times with loved ones.  After all, happiness increases when shared with those people who add value to your life.

San Francisco is certainly one of the hottest places where one can conduct a holiday yacht cruise party. Given its scenic surroundings and beautiful balmy weather, San Francisco bay holiday party will be an experience that everyone will remember all their lives. It will certainly be packed with extreme fun, and not to mention the amazing whole yachting experience in itself.

Boat Parties

Undoubtedly, party in boat cruises San Francisco is a beautiful way to leave all your worries behind, let your hair down and have a soothing time under the sun and sea with people you care and love.  Bay cruise services are available throughout the year in San Francisco and one can arrange a party in a luxury yacht cruise depending on the budget. Most yacht cruise charter companies will fix the arrangements depending on the number of guests. It will also depend on how extensive one wants the experience to be.

Empress Events can host your company’s annual gathering. Also, it can host your holiday party with your family and friends on a luxury yacht in SF Bay area. They will take care of drinks, dinner and music, all with the spectacular views of San Francisco’s favourite landmarks. So, charter a yacht cruise and host a holiday party to celebrate happy moments with friends and family. San Francisco bay holiday may prove to be that unique touch you have been looking for in life.

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