Fundraising Aboard a Private Yacht

Fundraisers are no longer restricted to formal events within a cramped hall. One of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to raise money for an organization is through a cruise in San Francisco Bay! Raise funds for a worthy cause and enjoy fellowship and an exciting sailing experience at the same time. Whether community groups, church groups, youth organizations or other charities, hosting a fund raiser on a yacht or boat provides instant appeal and excitement and active participation, generating significant funding and contribution, thus meeting all fundraising targets. Check out with cruise agencies about how they can organize a fund raiser.

How a Change in Location Helps Generate Funds

Fund raising aboard a cruise leaves a lasting impression and makes the whole experience an enjoyable one. It fosters a community feeling that is so vital in charitable work. When people come together in a spirit of giving and fun, it’s a win-win situation for everyone! You raise the money that benefits the cause and your supporters enjoy a fun experience to remember! While aboard, guests enjoy superb meals, catered drinks, entertainment, and exciting activities.

If you are on the fund raising committee of a charitable organization or group interested in organizing a fundraising cruise along the majestic San Francisco Bay, Empress Cruises & Events can be your host for your next fund raiser. We will organize a private affair aboard one of our classic luxury yachts

A Joint Effort

Of course, fundraising cruises require a lot of coordination and planning. Empress Events customizes your fundraiser to meet your specific donor requirements, helping out with all the detailing and planning of the event, taking the burden of implementation off your shoulders. We work with the organization to decide on a theme, communicate the information about the cruise to members and donors, encouraging them to join the cruise.

Sit back and enjoy the beauty of San Francisco Bay on a chartered yacht with a professional captain and crew and raise a boatload of money to meet the fundraising goals of your organization. Our highly trained crew takes care of everything on board. This gives you all the time to mingle with your guests to make this your most successful fundraiser yet!

Traditional methods of fundraising become unproductive after a point of time. A cruise based fund raising event is an exciting way to raise money for non-profit organizations. Also, donors enjoy the additional bonus of an exciting cruise ride as well!

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