Empress Events Yacht Charter FAQ Series: Question # 4

Are you planning a special outing on the San Francisco Bay? If you have never been on this type of cruise, you may be wondering what to expect.  It is a beautiful way to unite family and friends.  In this series of short articles, we will answer some frequently asked questions. This is the fourth article of the FAQ series.

Question: What do I need to know about the on-board experience?

In this article we answer some frequently asked questions about the on-board experience on Empress Events.

Best Yacht Charter San Francisco Bay

  • What will I be able to see from the yacht?
    Get to know San Francisco Bay as never before on our cruises. We’ll glide past famous Alcatraz Island and sleepy Sausalito. You will be able to take unforgettable photos under the Golden Gate Bridge and enjoy the magnificence of San Francisco’s skyline.
  • Is there entertainment available on-board?
    Both of our luxury yachts have spacious dinning rooms and entertainment systems. Our Empress Yacht also hosts a hard wood dance floor. So, whether you would like a sit-down dinner with back-ground music or you would like to dance it out and play games with your guests, our yachts are the perfect option.
  • What should I wear on a cruise?
    This is a personal decision and each cruise will differ depending on the occasion being celebrated and the time of day and season. Anything from black tie to casual clothing is acceptable. Comfortable shoes and layers to protect from the wind are recommended.
  • Is it easy to get on board?
    Empress Events dock offers the most flexible and safe boarding options. When booking your cruise event be sure to specify if you need any specialized attention that we can provide.

best yacht charter san francisco bay


So, how is the overall on-board experience?
Answer: At Empress Events we work tirelessly to ensure that you will thoroughly enjoy every moment of your cruise and create unforgettable memories!

“We just hosted an event there, and it was fantastic. The crew was first class: helpful, attentive, fun, cheery, and with a great attitude. The yacht was a surprise for our guests, who thought it was even better than we described. Plus, when whales started showing up in the Bay, the captain slowed the boat down long enough for us to view, and another crew member would say over the microphone which side they were on.
Great experience!”


“Thank you Empress Events!! My husband said it was the best 40th birthday party he could ask for! All of our guests said the food was amazing!! Water was a little choppy (if you easily get motion sick I would recommend taking something). Views were breathtaking. I will definitely book the Empress again.”


Book your cruise today and plan the Best Yacht Charter San Francisco Bay!

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