The Best Yacht Charter in San Francisco – New Renovations!

As always, we wish to stay as the best yacht charter in business, so we’ve remodeled our yacht! We always do our best to keep our yachts looking amazing. To keep them looking that way, we carry out a lot maintenance. We want our guests to feel comfortable with their surroundings and to enjoy themselves to the full. 

To this end, we’ve put in all new wood flooring in the bathrooms, the captain’s wheelhouse, the bars, the dance floor and the stairway. Also, we’ve given our yacht side wall refinishing, as well as new trim all the way around the boat. The restrooms look vibrant and clean. 

Captain Gerry spends much of his time up in the Captain’s Wheelhouse. His job is to guide the guests safely to and from the docks to sea. He also likes to explain all the bells and whistles in the Wheelhouse to his visitors. As a result of that, we made sure the remodeling got to his Wheelhouse too.Best Yacht Charter - Captain's Wheelhouse

Waves rippling gently against the side of the yacht, wind blowing lightly, sun shining are a recipe of happiness. Imagine yourself sitting and enjoying just that on our yacht. That is why we decided to put a new marble bar top with the name: Sky Bar.  From the position of this bar, you can see an amazing view of the ocean while drinking a relaxing glass of wine or a cocktail. 

best yacht charter sky bar

We enjoy having our passengers aboard and making their trip go above and beyond what they expected. With the upgrade we have made, we can be an even better yacht charter than before. With over 20 years of experience in yacht chartering, we know how to make your wedding, corporate event, or private party be the best you’ve ever had.  The best yacht charter, Empress Events, is looking luxurious and ready for your bookings today!

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